Usps priority international question

Anyone know how much customs charges will be for 469$ Drone. if it’s shipped via usps priority international and marked as a gift on customs declaration form and declare value 90$?

This is not my first time using usps. btw they always charged me 60 Rupees. but this time my item is 4.54KG ( 10 lbs ). so this time there will be same charge 60 rupees or higher?

Content Description : Upair One Toy Quadcopter.

Could be up to 60% of declared value plus shipping amount if it catches their attention.

There is no invoice inside my parcel… still there will be charges?

If caught without invoice, you are at the mercy of the customs inspector.

Thanks for the information.
my parcel is reached at Dubai today.
i hope i will receive it in next few days without any problem.

@Faisal_Khan Given that your item weighs quite a bit and your declared value makes no sense, you will likely get charged a customs fee.

The customs fee is usually 29% of the declared value.

Btw, you should know, that a personal item under $200 is duty free but only if its sent via relatives etc. If the box itself says amazon or best buy with the return label of a company, you’re toast.

Custom inspectors are not stupid. It is better to risk paying customs fee and declaring the item near a reasonable / believable value.

For instance your $469 drone could have been declared at $180 (to make it believable somewhat). Sure you’d pay more customs for it but then again, didnt you just pay Rs. 47,000 for it?

If customs people search for the price of your drone and find a value of 469 or 500 or 600 (whatever the value is being displayed in Google top results at the time) then you will end up paying far more than necessary.

And before you get surprised or upset with my reply, please know that given the number of packages I receive in a year I know customs and their procedures quite well.

Best of luck

I have received recently a parcel from usa forwarding company without any charges using this service and total weight was 3 KG.
but today i got a new update on Pakistan Post site.

IMO Parcel Karachi	receive item at office of exchange in destination country

So it is still in customs or not? Please let me know.

So now they will charge me customs charges directly or they will send letter to me?

its with customs, once it goes into ‘domestic bag’ is when the Pakistan post will show up at your door.

Also, they don’t send letters. The postman will show up and either give you a bill under Rs. 100 or give you the one with the customs fee. They don’t call in advance and if you refuse to pay for any reason, it will go to the hub in your city where you have to go pay and collect it yourself.

Okay thanks for your help @quecksilver


next time i will put correct value :stuck_out_tongue:

Youll probably get the item today if it went without a hitch at customs. If there is a day’s delay then just have the cash ready :slight_smile:

I will receive the item tomorrow because i’m in the rural area. :smiley:

Still no any updates…


I usually use the USPS website… its more accurate…

usps is showing this

do you have any idea what would be solar hybrid inverter custom charges if imported from Ali baba for home use? they are quite cheap there I am planning to get one from there. based on your experience your response will be highly appreciated.

If it is shipped via postal mail like china post or Hong Kong post then there only low customs charges. I have received lot of packages from usa, china etc. Without any customs charges via postal mail. If it is shipped via some private company like DHL, FedEx, UPS then it will cost you 70% of product cost according to my research.

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