USPS Global Priority Mail (AirMail) Reviews

So, I want to get some medical supplies, from the US, which are not available in Pakistan. There is a website, that ships worldwide, by USPS Global Priority Mail (Air Mail), they say there is no tracking number, with this type of shipping method.

Including shipping the products will cost me around $150.

I want to know your experience about USPS shipping to Pakistan. How much risk is there of the package being lost? and how much duty would be on this product, and how do you pay duty(The courier who brings the package collects it or some other way)?

If it is without a tracking number there is 90% chance it will get lost (read stolen) once it reaches Pakistan Customs. However a tracking number only costs $5 more, request and offer to pay more for it. I have never lost a packet with tracking number.

Once your package reaches your local post office there are 2 things that can happen. Your postman will bring your item to you and take the custom duty, occassionally what happens is the postman brings your home a letter that says we have your item, come to the post office with x amount of custom duty and you can collect your item.

Well, I contacted them, there is no way to track international order, because they use a USPS Service Provided to Businesses, and doesn't support tracking. So, I am thinking of using SHIPITO and then forwarding parcel via DHL.

Do DHL have their own couriers in Pakistan, or they too handle via Pakistan Post? and what about Duty in this case?

You need a USPS registered post, it has a tracking number and can be tracked within the US, and then when it reaches Pakistan can be tracked via