Using Zong 3G in PTCL EVO Wingle

Dear Experts, can I use my zong/ufone sim on PTCl EVO Wingle Device to use 3G ? There is a slot of sim card there, I tried but nothing happened.

Me too tried using SIM in my wingle but it didn't work, I think the Wingle USB is locked by PTCL to be used only by using their own network and the SIM slot has been blocked.

Does Wingle Support 3G connectivity using GSM SIMs?

@Shafiq - I don't think it will support 3G connectivity using SIMs.

EVO Winge is likely network locked and uses CDMA rather than GSM. Its only known to work with Vfone sims.

You can get unlocked GSM compliant devices from Computer Markets like Hafeez center (ask for 3g Modems). Single PC devices cost around 1500/- Wifi devices cost around 3000-4500/- You can even get a 3g modem AND a 3g router to get the same functionality though it might cost a bit more (but it will have higher wifi range and more supported wifi clients).

Thanks everyone ..

Is this gsm 3g or 4g better than evo?


For a modern smartphone, you can use USB or Bluetooth Tethering and/or Portable Wifi Hotspot feature(s) to share 3G/4G connection!

Another cheap option would be an old nokia phone (3G has been around for much longer) to use as a 3G Modem!

As far as "mfa6464" 's question is concerned, it largely depends upon the level of service in your area ... theoretically 4G LTE should offer faster speeds but it's in its initial roll out phase here with coverage being the main issue ... though most providers/networks are moving towards LTE as it offers a clear path forward with good support from all vendors ... wimax could have taken the lead, but, I am glad that it's as good as dead and we are moving towards some form of uniformity ... and I don't think evo would get a rev C network so it's stuck in rev B as well!



Zong 3G @ Faisal Base Karachi on Huawei Charji Cloud

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