Using SCB credit card in Dubai

If you use your standard chartered VISA credit card in Dubai will it cost more (because of conversion) than giving cash? Can any one share his/her experience?

I think they will charged the currency exchange rate and banking services charges or dial S.C.B UAN : 111-002-002 or from outside Pakistan UAN : 92-21-111-002-002 for detailed info :)


Yes it will cost more. This is for two reasons. First, is of course the bank commission or charges that you can familiarize yourself by reading their schedule of charges (SOC). Second, is due to the fact that the bank will convert PKR to US$ before applying further conversions and vice versa.

For example, if you were to go to Dubai and used your Pakistani issued PKR-based credit card to pay a bill in local currency (UAE dirham), the transaction will first be converted to US$ and then US$ will be converted to PKR. Therefore, you will pay the forex spread twice. Believe me as I was in Dubai recently and had this experience first hand. Though I don't actually mind as it saves one from the hassle of carrying cash around while travelling.

Another thing I forgot to mention was that the banks use the interbank rates that are marginally worse than the open market rates.

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