Using Router with CableNet

My CableNet wala requires me to run an anti-arp poisoner before any of their servers can be accessed. This utility does nothing except launching periodical static arp entries.

My question is if i install a router to share the connection between two PCs, would running this utility on any one PC work or not? My first guess is no as once the Router will be installed both PCs will go behind Router and they will be assigned Dynamic IPs by Router.

The utility is window based so can't be run on router. Unless i decode it (which i have done already) and use the arp commands on router, but that will require me to install a custom firmware on router and write a shell script, and i think that will eat the warranty.

You're right - it won't work this way.

How about using one of your computers as the "router" instead? You can run the program on the main computer then, and the other computers will be going through that so it should work.

yar i have been using this configuration for quite a months, but it requires me to power on the primary computer just for this. I think i can save couple of bucks on electricity by using router instead.