Using Nvidia GT 9400 with nvlddmkm problem any body know how to fix

every game i attempt to play (using GT 9400 1 gb) eventually i get a message says nvlddmkm.sys has failed to respond,

first after about 20 minutes of playing the game screen will freeze the image, an infinite sound loop will play, then after my monitor has stopped displaying images (gpu not responding) i get the message nvlddmkm.sys has failed to respond and recovered

i have looked everywhere on the net for a solution but there are none.

i am using win 7 32bit when this occured but it also happened in xp and vista with the same games and also using the MOST up to date drivers (correctly installed)

is there a fix for this?????

this has been happening for YEARS to thousands of loyal nvidia purchasing people, i swear i will never even bother looking at another nvidia card again so long as i live if they do no fix this. it pretty much happens to everyone,

i searched the problem site no help

This guy a little differnert problem but similar to mine n after that my game says dont send or some times back to normal