User list pruning

Notice: We are going to start deleting old accounts which have less than 5-10 posts. This is to cut down on dead weight of users who aren't active and who don't post. People can always read posts without being registered.

The number of posts won't be the only criteria. We'll also look at the last login date to identify users who have been inactive for the past two months or so.

If you DO login from time to time but don't post, and your account gets subsequently deleted, please just create a new account instead of making a big deal about it. You can even re-register your old nick, and since you won't have many posts, you shouldn't care much either! :)

Update: Deleted low post count or seemingly inactive users till registration date of 15th March 2008. If you are an active user and I mistakenly deleted your account I sincerely apologize. Please create a new account in that case, you can reuse your deleted username.

i dunno thats why i am asking... wht good would it do other than distancing users from this forum. Not every one has something to say or share every time... cuz its a tech related forum user input is going to be limited to tech related topics, some of them might seem inactive , but u never know whos going to post something informative. Had this been a "Suggest a name for the person above you" or "Lets play antakshri" type forum u would have seen a lot of users comming in and asking for asl , u gal ? & frandshap :D.. no disrespect... just my 2 cents.. cuz u shld always hope for the best :P

Does it make differance, if inactive members be in member in this foroum, he may some time submit something very informative or he keep tracking daily new posts which help him too. In my opinion let inactive member be member in this foroum and let them have information being member instead guest. If inactive member burdon on some sort of foroum managment than you may do it as you planed.

Yeah, I too fail to see what good this pruning will do.

The idea is to keep everything as short and manageable as possible. There are people who registered in February with no posts, and who haven't logged in for two months. Whats the point of keeping them on the userlist? So we cut off as much excess as possible, and focus on quality instead of quantity (in everything, users and posts). Its pretty standard forum management policy!

And to address devnull's concern. I think WP is established enough that we not get excited every time a new person becomes a member or someone makes a new post! So we don't have to sit around waiting for the zero-post people who haven't logged in for ages to make a comeback and start posting! :)

To give some perspective, 6-10 new people register on WP everyday.

Any person who did not logged on for long, so, it means he/she dont care about to be member of this foroum and share information even get some information from here than you are on right track.

Good idea. It's an unnecessary load on the DB.

the forum itself is not too old

im away coz of my exams. i can't not online reguarly bcoz of my exams and sumtime my net's got a Problem tO for a whole mOnth :( .

wat happen if this is going on ? will u delete my a/c ?? :o

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im away coz of my exams. i can’t not online reguarly bcoz of my exams and sumtime my net’s got a Problem tO for a whole mOnth :( .

wat happen if this is going on ? will u delete my a/c ?? :o


Don’t worry. I only deleted account which had less than 10 posts.

i feel i m also on that list :)

This is really really unwise to delete members with less than 10 posts. I mean what load do they put on WP other than add a few KB to WP database? Who knows when they want to come back and find out that they have been deleted?

If you really have to, delete the accounts with 0 posts only (which is again IMO unnecessary as this forum is really small and is only a few months old so you can't really know if a user is inactive or on a long break).

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i feel i m also on that list :)

Nope. I saw you were active so I didn’t delete you. Although I’m sure I must have messed up and deleted some active users mistakenly since there were so many of them.

And I already deleted who I thought I should delete till registration date of 15th March. And obviously you survived the cut…!


man u r like a army general. i dunno wth 2 accept of u.........

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man u r like a army general. i dunno wth 2 accept of u…


I’ll take that as a compliment! :P

Anyways, this thread has basically reached a closing point. I deleted the inactive accounts, and thats the end of it!

I love sah!

He loves quality, so do I. (instead of quantity)

Disclaimer: I am not gay. It's just a compliment.

@isharis: Much appreciated! ;)

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Old users who don’t post or who seem to be inactive will have their accounts deleted.

i am 20 years young, so i wont be considered? :expressionless:

Oh my ID is still safe :P ... /me too wasn't able to contribute since long time because of my exams ah

oh I just noticed I have only 10 posts!?! Will have to work on it.. :P

to OP:

here is an idea:

start ur own forum, ban everyone else.!

now that would be fantastic wont it?

u keep up this policy and u will probably turn many people away!

i hardly ever post here cuz moderator(s) here are worse off than any on any forum, even worse off than rage3d, which i found to be the most *unflexa(i?)ble*

just look at the post above (ethi).

people *do* have problems, they *do* sometimes dont log in for what would seem to u eons, that doesnt necessarily mean they're dead, dont want to post or cant positively contribute.

u're trying to get rid of the very foundations that this forum stands on.

its members.

u can have ur forum and keep it locked in ur kitty for all i care

Goodbye and good luck. u wont be seeing me around here.

feel free to delete my account.

edit: to OP:

if u're constipated, dont take ur frustation out on forum members, go see a doctor.