User accounts compromised on PTCL DSL

From past week whenever i restart my modem and try to visit a website. i get logged on by another user.

i only use my PC.. no one else in my home use it...

i captured my twitter homepage today... who is this? this is not me. i can access everything of this user.

see this

i also noticed ... "Hello, Saima" written on my top yahoo bar but i did not captured that...

is this only happening to me?

what's the reason?

I am not using any proxy etc..

ptcl's cache server is messing up...

lol check this... i posted on his twitter


url is linked to this topic


he is active on twitter... he posted his last tweat 15 mins ago


Same happened to me. I sign in today but got access to some other account.

May be its something wrong with twitter.....

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May be its something wrong with twitter…

no… something is wrong with PTCL… it happened with other sites too

Again happened today... see this..




this is effed up!

and yes its happening!

Yeah its happening with the facebook too lol.. its a new bemari

well, if you can open other peoples account.. people can open your accounts too! JUST IMAGINE! :P

Yeah exactly.Its so unsafe now.

report it to PTA with proof.

this mean PTCL was sneaking on it users by caching cookies and other sensitive data and now their cache server is effed up...

once again PTCL proved to be ......

One guy on WCCFtech forum also informed about this problem. He logged into someone's Twitter account . :D

I got into some other guys Facebook homepage and could read his News Feed but couldn't do anything. I tried liking something on the feed to see if I had complete control of his account but it didn't work. So at least other people can't mess with our accounts.

@ShoukaT one more reason for using vpn :)

happening here with me too, on Facebook

Yup, I'm having the same issue here with Facebook. It opened another member's account in front of me. Weird...

Same problem with me...both on facebook and twitter!