Used VRLA, Gel, AGM batteries

I found a shop selling used VRLA, AGM batteries.

They claim to be direct importer of these batteries and that they are 2011 date manufactured, no proof though.

The brand of batteries is Yuasa(made in UK) and is 6V 100AH each.

I found this through a neighbour who also bought used imported batteries from this shop and is highly satisfied.

I wonder if anyone had any such experience in this regard?

used batteries are a hit and miss..

these are 6V each meaning you need 2 to make each set of 12V.. meaning 2x more than standard 12V.

where is the shop and what is the price he got?

and what is the exact model no of your neighbours batteries?

Company is zte 2V 300AH. He told me he got for 3k each 7 months back and is working fine.

The guy also has some narada used batteries...