Used Nikon d40?

For how much should a used Nikon d40 sell for? I'm looking for this dslr Nikon d40 but it has been discontinued by Nikon, so new ones are not available. I just wanted to know about the price of a used one (good condition+all accessories+no warranty).

A friend of mine recently sold his that he bought a yr. back for 25K.

He upgraded to D3100.

You shouldn't even think of buying a new D40, as you said yourself it's discontinued, so why buy something that's old tech. and you already know is being discontinued being market price of remaining unit will go down drastically.

If you tell me your budget maybe i can help you a bit more in terms of cameras.

I'm a bit tight on budget. around 20-25k, that's why i am looking for a d40. For now, i'm stuck with old tech, don't have enough cash in hand to go for d3100 though i'd liked the new d5100 more. :(