Used mobile with wifi UNDER Rs 5000?


I'm not in touch with cell phones these days, so don't have any clue about the market pricing and stuff. I'm looking for a phone under 5k mark which preferably comes with wifi and an adequate camera.

I personally like the Sony Ericsson W810i, its an old, but a very nice & reliable phone with awesome camera and sound quality for the price tag it comes these days. Obviously only used ones can be found now.. ranging around 3k.

I would have gone for it but, being a student, I also need wifi to access internet when I'm at university! So please suggest some models which come with wifi and have a good enough camera. Or is it too much to ask for in a budget of max 5k Rs? :P


China mobile offers wifi at affordable price. U can get a copy of iPhone 4 at less than 6k. However make sure wifi really works on it.

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China mobile offers wifi at affordable price. U can get a copy of iPhone 4 at less than 6k. However make sure wifi really works on it.

A friend got China Iphone and its got wifi and there own online free Apps Store … Well I have heard about android based china phones are in market but never seen one.


^^ one of my family member bought a china iphone for fun.. but we cannot workout how to get wifi working on it.. wen we open the browser it runs on gprs internet instead of wifi.. :/

I'm not interested in China phones ! That's a no go for me. Is there no possibility of a USED wifi-enabled cell phone in that range? :/

Very difficult. You could buy a used C3, which can cost you around 9k with some warranty remaining. Or maybe Corby with Wifi which will cost your somewhere around 8k used. There is also Nokia E51 with WiFi but its Wifi is problematic in some units, however it can cost your around 7k in good condition. 5k is too low for a phone with WiFi dude.

There are a few available. Got it from a thread at PG, credit to Ahsan.

Nokia N80

SE P990i

Imate KJam

I bought New Qmobile Q7 , which has wifi, for Rs. 7400 a month ago. Its a good phone with decent camera and good wifi performance.


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Thanks for the reply.. Qmobile imports phones directly from China right? How's the OS? It must be a java-based phone, so how is its compatibility with java apps and games available online? Any battery issues?

N80 is a Symbian series 60 phone and has a good enough camera as well (3MP)... what would be a better choice among these two?

Yes its a java based phone. I have installed few java apps and they work fine. The OS is ok though there are a few glitches here and there. overall the phone quality and usage experience is good. Battery life is excellent, lasts 3+ days on a full charge.


Alright, thanks

ehti, where have you been hiding yourself, man! ?.

About your phone query. I checked on

and and the phones with wifi are all more

expensive, as others have pointed out. There is Samsung

Star, touch-screen phone, which has a wifi model for less

than Rs.10K.

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Heya Chilli bhai! Not hiding anywhere.. I do visit the forum regularly as a reader, just don't post much anymore.. Been busy with studies & university. Your posts have also become a rare sight now !

As for the phone, I'd go for either Q7 or N80.

& btw, thanks for the title, but I'm not Khan :P I like the way Pashtuns pronounce Peshawar.