Used Camry vs. Used Accord vs. New Altis?

A friend of mine has been obsessing over these three

options lately. His father has been driving the same car

for the last 24 years and now wants to buy a new car.

But he isn't really sure what to get.

I saw the auto thread on the board and surmised that

many of you are car enthusiasts here, so any input

would be appreciated.

01. A (4-6) year old Toyota Camry. A "4A" would cost

about 22+ lacs.

02. A (4-6) year old Honda Accord. A "4A" would cost

him about 18 lacs.

03. A brand new Toyota Altis. It costs about 18 lacs.

I have suggested Accord to him, but he says Altis would

be easier to maintain in Pakistan (parts, mechanics, etc),

which is a valid point.

These used cars are rated by their condition upon their

arrival at port. A (1-5) rating for condition on the out-

side, and (A-D) rating for their condition inside. These

cars are japan assembled and naturally more sturdier and

of a higher quality than the locally assembled, made-of-

plastic toys.




Sheikh 'CD-70 Waley' Chilli

IMHO Altis and Accord are comparable but not camry, useless to compare.

I'll also suggest Accord, but he does have a valid point that Altis is easier to maintain in Pakistan.

Altis has better milage than Accord and Cmary.

Check this for better comparision:

Accord vs Altis vs Camry

dont buy used cars,

buy a new one with insurance

Why not consider these cars

Also note that Civic has better comfort and slightly more stylish than Altis

Go for the new one, old/reconditioned cars are not reliable, and yes do consider buying new Honda civic, its far better than altis, drive wise and comfort wise, provided your friend is willing to keep your car on petrol....

Yep! New one is better.

I am really not an enthusiast but I personally won't ever be satisfied with a used car. Not for a single day. You never know what the bad things the car may have in it. All you get with it is a tension in your mind.

It may not be the case with every one. But I personally had have an experience with a quite good loss. So I'd never recommend anyone to buy a used car specially if you don't want to spare a lot on it's maintainence. However the 1st priority issue is to keep your continuous mind satisfaction.

So going for new Altis costing 1.8m is my opinion. Also consider the suggestion by Mumtaz above to buy Civic instead.

If choosing from Accord for 1.8m or Camry for 2.2m. Accord is a good option but again depends on the health of both.

Why not import a Premio or Accord?

I think that was the general idea. To import a "used" Accord

or Camry and get it at the port. Not to buy somebody's used

car from here. That's why he has been going to the port.

Civic is a mid-size car. They are looking for something a little

bigger, I believe. It's an investment from their point-of-view.

They don't want to keep the money in the bank and have it

depreciate each month. This way, they can use the car and

probably sell the car down the line, for a neat profit.

One of my cousins has a Civic. He has driven it for about 8

years. And today, he says he can sell it for more than he

bought it. How about that!.




Sheikh '1 1/4 Lakh Ka Hathi' Chilli

I think Accord is the best option. I would chose it from the choices above.

i think you should import a Nissan Armada full-size SUV 5.6L with V8 power for better and smooth drive n good for Pakistani roads if you can't afford this SUV than another option is import Toyota Camry, camry is good n gives more trouqe and smooth ride with power full v6 vvt-i engine and it has most power full AC system everything is electric

Accord is for sure a better car than camry. If you need a smaller car then go with Civic. Honda's are just better built cars in my opinion. I have been driving a Accord for the last 5 years and never had to do anything but to replace the break pads. I have a 2003 model that I bought in 2005.

bear in mind that im not a fan of any one auto manufacturer..

Camry by far is the best in luxury class whether new or used.

A good condition japanese import is an excellent choice, value for money beats any local manufactured car.

As for fuel economy, spares, warranty is concerned -> altis wins hands down.

but m planing to get a new suzuki alto celerio

My Ratings:

Used Camry: 3/10

Used Accord: 8/10

New Altis: 5/10

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My Ratings:

Used Camry: 3/10

Used Accord: 8/10

New Altis: 5/10


Very bad ratings for Camry :S Its not that bad car.

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Very bad ratings for Camry :S Its not that bad car.


He is an agent of Honda :P