USB Viruses?

I have a USB and it has some very important data on it.. I do make periodical backups of my usb though but in my office most PC's are infected with some sort of virus.. Every folder starts to create .exe file with the same name.. Like if the folder is by the name of NewFolder then within that folder a file gets created by the name of NewFolder.exe.. Every day when i go back home i have to scan my USB with AVG to clean it of all these viruses.

Is there anyway to protect my USB from this? I guess i could make the usb read only but i have to take my work from my office PC on my usb so would have to copy files on USB anyway.. Any ideas?

Use an antivirus on your office PC and scan the flash drive before disconnecting it from the PC.

1) Disable Auto Play on the PCs where you connect your USB (for win xp, Start-->Run--->gpedit.msc, go to computer configuration / administrative templates / system and select turn off autoplay, enable it on all drives). For exact method, you can Google it.

2) On a clean system, create a file auorun.inf on your flash disk, and set the attributes to "Hidden", "System" and "Read Only". This might prevent the viruses to create their own autrun.inf on your flash disk when you attach your flash disk to an infected PC.

3) Best is to clean the office PCs using some good AV software.

I recommend you to use AVG Antivirus.It is a great antivirus to use.It have the ability to detect all type of viruses.

Hey guys suggest some good usb with write protection lock. I'm also fed up of these viruses. Becuase all the above methods only work on the specific system not the usb. OR tell me some method with which i can write protect the usb.