Usb Sound Card Issue..!


i just purchased this usb 3d sound card and to my surprise it detects as plug and play on windows 7 without any driver disc... the shopkeeper states its windows 7 compatible.. but somehow on the box it only states winxp...

has anyone tried this device..


Yes bought it for Rs 150. Ran fine on my Winxp (auto detected, no drivers needed) but its results are far from acceptable. Only useful in absolute disastrous situations.

Maybe the box doesn't mention Win 7 because it was printed ages ago?

I get a time out when trying to access your link.

Windows will get drivers (on line) for many devices and this sounds like what it did for your sound device.

If you are going to use this rather than the existing sound you have and it's integrated (on the motherboard) you should disable the integrated sound in the BIOS to avoid conflicts.

Try installing the drivers, the problem definitely lies their....

Made In china???? zindabad...