USB Soldering Iron

Hi guys,
Hope you are all doing well… Recently I have 4-5 old broken mobiles with small issues like backlight issue, keypad button not working, not charging etc… these are old phones and not worth repaired from shop which is not only costly process but also inferior quality repairs… So I need a small soldering iron for this purpose as my current soldering iron is big for this task…

Has anyone used this one?

Should I go for it and what would be its price in local market if available at hall road lahore… Thanks.

The standard USB port does not have enough power for soldering work. Maybe the new Type C spec has more power per port available.

Soldering iron is rated 8 watts at 5 volts = 1.6 amps so most USB adapters and PC/laptop USB ports will not be able to power it properly. If you do not need USB powered, just buy a 20 watt 220 volt soldering iron for around Rs 200. Higher wattage iron will not be suitable for SMD work unless it is thermostatically controlled with fine point tip.

Thank you Asad and AIF bro for replying… won’t a 2amp charger be able to supply sufficient power? I chose this because of its tiny tip size as most of other seem large for small work… Please share any good brand in 20w or 40w range…
Also I have a winstar soldering gun same as shown in pic below which has stopped working all of sudden… could be the element gone as its 17 years old :slight_smile: can its element be replaced?


Buy Goot 40W iron with suitable SMD tip if you are comfortable and good with soldering. If not, use a 25W iron, instead.

Any price idea bro? Also does it come with multiple tips which I can change as needed?
I first used soldering iron in 1996 :slight_smile: so I believe I can handle it… after that there is a long gap and now again doing some hobby stuff since last year… but its pure hobby else I am still newbie in electronics :slight_smile:

EDIT upon inspection I found that the soldering iron I am currently using is also goot 40w :smiley:
But its tip seems large so I will have to check for small tip iron… Dont know if its original or fake copy - bought from hall road couple of years ago.

Yes, multiple tips are available. If you already have Goot, you will need minimal expense to get a suitable replacement tip for SMD work. Explore your local electronics market for tip options. Goot (original) is a pretty good basic soldering iron.

Great… thanks for your input… But I may get a new one as its screws are jammed du to heat…

Try WD40 spray (for loosening stuck bolts on soldering iron), WD40 is available at hardware shops.

Cheap 2 amp USB chargers often only deliver around 1 amp … if your USB charger can really deliver 2 amps at 5.0 volts, then use it, otherwise if charger cannot deliver required current either charger will get damaged or soldering iron will not heat to required temperature due to insufficient wattage of charger.

Thanks, I guess I have it in the trunk of my car so will check it. Will try to check for a real 2 amp charger or a pen style small 220v iron will also be good. I have goot 40w but its size is a bit large for small work so will either try wd40 and change tip or will change iron.