Usb broadband of worldcall

hI. yesterday i perchase a worldcall usb of 256kbps the tell me that its downloading speed will be up to 100kb...but when i using this i m so much disheart bcz some time its speed 2 or 3kbps and when i see its max speed on my computor it was 21 kbps.............i just wana say to worldcall higher comand ...............sir its not fear...................................

Max speed will be around 32 KB/s (Kilo BYTES per second) on a 256 kbps (kilo BITS per second) Connection. There are 8 bits in a byte. Divide 256 by 8 to convert it to kilobytes.

You cannot get 100kB/s on a 256kbps connection. You can get that speed on 1 Mbps Connection. But 2 or 3 kB/s is too low. It may depend on signals also.

Well getting 100KB/s is not possible on a 256kbps connection... But 2-3 kB/s is very slow for a 256kbps connection ask them... Or check for the quality of signals in your area...

i also have worldcall wireless evdo 256kbps package. i often download excel files from gmail. Sometimes it downloads at the speed of 90 kb/s. Amazing! I just checked again shortly. From gmail it is now downloading @ 40 kb/s. i also tried to download a software with internet download manager. it was downloaded @ 30 kp/s. check signal strength. Mine showing 3 signals. with 2 also works perfectly. i live in sialkot.

maqsood you can get 100kb speed only if you are on the worldcall ftp server or have a 1 mbps connection.

Again i downloaded a 658 kb excel file with firefox default downloader. It was downloaded in seconds @ about 100 kb/s. I guess your signals are week.