USB based mobile chargers current ratings


i have a lot of cel phones in my home almost all have a flavor of usb connector, i have nokia 5530 its a sorta usb connector, ideos same connector, and few other with micro usb, now each device has its own charge but it rives me crazy to use each specific chargewr for each set,

here are specs on chargers,,

nokia 5530

output 5v 880 mA


5v 1 Amps

anmother set charger

5v .3 Amps

yet another

5v .5 A

now each set is supplied with usb cable and each set when attached through usb to pc also gets charged,

my question is about mixing these chargers and sets.

say can i use the ideos 5v1amp charger to charge each of the above set, as i will only attach a usb cable to that chager according to cell connector? mean i can i use it to charge the set whose charger says 5v.3Amps ?

i am confused as in case of dc power adapters we only need to match the voltages and make sure that the adapter current rating is either equal or more then the current rating of the device.

but i heard that liion cells are charged using constant current,,so i think if i use a 1 amp charger for .3amp mobile i will burn it?

please need a definite answer,hope some experts can give a good insiight into this issue

thanks a lot

some are travel charges. Higher Amperes. Some are usb based. They charge slower.

Burn or no burn depends on luck imo.

^^ haha really enjoyed the second sentence.

a bump my issue is un resolved.

you should use original charger to charge your mobile phone battery quickly