Urgently : Need suggestion for buying UPS / Invertor for Home Use

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I have been looking for a quality UPS / invertor for my home, my last one was a desi local made it fried my 2 batteries by overcharging, so this time kindly please somone any one suggest me a quality UPS / invertor it doesn’t matter local or china or branded that wont overcharge atleast.

We want our 3 fans and some energy savers running. so I guess 1000watt Ups/invertor would be sufficient.

I heared ppl saying APC branded ups can last long… but they are all refurbished reconditioned repaired, I don’t want to waste my money this time, furhtermore I found some ads of desi local made UPS giving 5 years warranty, 3 years warranty and one year claiming pure sine wave… bla bla bla I just want a reliable and quality system. I am from Lahore.

Please guys share your experiences here.


My family and I have been using four Systek brand inverters (2kva) for several years without any problem. IMHO they are the best properly designed locally manufactured brand, with nation-wide sales and service setup. The inverter model that we have (Premier series 2 KVA = 1,200 watts) has four stage battery charging and built-in voltage stabilizer. Ceiling fans run quietly (no change in sound whether on UPS or Utility power). Changeover is quick, so computers, modems and internet connections are not affected by power failures.

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thank you for replying. … Bhai ye Kaha se milen ge ? systek in Lahore where can i get one? any contact person ?

You can see Systek website for further info:

Their Lahore office contact details are given on:


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Systek Marketing – Lahore

Office: 799-C, Faisal Town, Lahore
Phone: 5179511-5179514
Fax: 5179514

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AIF bhai how much they charge for 1200W ? someone is giving 1000w in 14K :confused: isn’t it expensive ?

I don’t know the price. My units were bought 3-4 years ago, and I went for Systek based on recommendations from many friends in Karachi who had been using Systek UPS for years before that (when KESC was much less reliable than now). I suggest you visit their sales and service centre and see how cost and quality compares with your other options. They have a wide range of models so you can see what fits your needs and budget.

I have checked their FB page with some bad reviews like systek are cheaters, they hav poor customer service… they’ll never show up at your home if you dont buy their maintenance plan… and some 1 said they dont deliver what they offer… and their staff is rude in Lahore office … thank you for replying but let me search more.

Definitely do your research, but based on your feedback I checked FB and found that out of 14 reviews shown, 1 was one star versus 10 five star, 2 four star and 1 three star for an overall rating of 4.4 stars. The odd one out (one star) may have a personal grudge against the company or its staff. To end the discussion, buy what suits you.

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May be you are right… anyways thanks for helping me out…!!

Guys common share your experiences everyone would have UPS or invertors installed in home thats for sure … What about Inverex Invertor ? is it worth to give it a try is it reliable? I asked an electrician he said if we going for china invertors than buy inverex.

you can buy APC and trust me you wont waste your money - i have used APC and it was refurbished etc but it is super strong and never ever given any problem as such .

Next ilaaj is , cut off your desi charger and use an external 3 stage charger (buy it from market, but not a desi one)

Nadeem Ahmed

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who said all APC UPS are refurbished … yes ! for home usage people dont go for new one cux of its hi price … if u can afford then go for new apc … apc 1000 watt works with two batteries and it is pure sinewave … no over charging or under charging at all … visit my site www.uwt.com.pk … my office is in johar town … there r 3 kinda apc … 80% r selling refurb repaired ups … other sells slightly used which is one or two years old but no repairing history at all and last one is new box packed … its 2 kva makes 1980 watts …

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Hey, I have Inverex inverter, i have been using it for 5 years, i havent had many problems with it. Its the 2000 VA one i think that connects to 2 batteries. Inverex has 1 year warranty i think and they have their own service centers. It was cheaper than homage at that time. Id recommend you to buy it.

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Is it true ? these APC UPS are short backup UPS, they are all reconditioned here in local market?

I know performance wise they are really good, but problem is if we ask for warranty they say 1 year transformer warranty but no one gives warranty of parts and kit they only give 5 to 6 month warranty. u know its kit and parts are expensive too, if APC is so reliable then why not they give us alteast one year warranty of every thing including kit and parts.

and i did not get what you are trying to say ? cut off charger and buy ? 3 stage charger i have no idea what you are saying sorry.

Bhai you are saying you have inverex 2000VA and u think that it connects with 2 batteries? hahah is this a joke ? :laughing: you should know it. and you also think ? that they have their own service centers? kindly confirm and be sure first.

Thanks anyways.

oK any one can tell me which one to choose between homage / inverex / CyberPower ? I have some good reviews on Inverex saying that its even better thn Homage is it true ? and do we need stabilizers with inverex or homeage invertors ? these chinese invertors don’t have builtin stablizers ? :confused:

do suggest a specific model too.


Thank You Sir for the information … I want to clear my concepts first. only 1 question can i get 1 year warranty of kit and other parts also? and whats the price for 1000W?

we give one year comprehensive warranty ( hardware and software ) … refurbished repair ups 1000 watt will cost u 16k … slightly used will cost u 22k … with one year warranty of everything u mentioned above

go for APC , and if by any reason u don wanna buy APC then go for inverex (prefer the pure sine wave model) .