URGENT.!...What method delivers money AT our Home Address....URGENT!

i have to receive a payment from a customer URGENTLY who is foreigner,

what method should i use which delivers money at our home address


Any way that it delivers at Home

Anyone has experience....?

Note that (: i don't yet have a bank account for this situation, so i want money delivered at home , it could be cheque or money)

( i am confused about moneybookers and plimus, do we need to have a bank account to receive payment!)

Ask him to send money via western union.. you can collect it from any western union franchise.

^ Either that or Moneybookers.

Western Union or moneybookers. You won't need a bank account at all if you choose western union.

As far as moneybookers is concerned you can open a moneybookers account and receive the money into it. Make sure you give honest and correct details when opening your moneybookers account. Make especially certain you enter your correct birth date. Later when you want to withdraw the money you will have to open a bank account in Pakistan.