Urgent help needed


plz help me with this.

i am a true gaming freak. i have purchased ATI RADEON 5750 (512mb) graphic card a week ago, but the games on my pc are still choppy and slow. i have 3gb ddr2 ram and intel DG33FB motherboard with 2.2 GHZ CORE2DUO PROCESSOR (E4200) and 460watts COOLER MASTER PSU. I AM now looking forward to upgrade to ASUS P5QLD-CM motherboard with a 500 WATTS cooler master power supply. do you think this will solve the problem? i usually play games at max 1024*768 resoltuion but still they are slow. i think its due to the installation of a PCIe2.0 graphic card to a PCIe1.0 slot. i know they are backward compatible , but will the asus motherboard with PCIe2.0 will solve the games problem of running slow.

plz reply me soon so i can order the accurate board with power supply unit in comparison with my latest graphic card.

i want to use win7 32-bit for games like THE SABOTEUR, GTA4, CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS, MEDAL OF HONOR , NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT and other latest upcoming games.

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Its unlikely that your motherboard is the cause of the slowdown. Even the fastest graphics cards only enjoy a performance boost of between 3-4% when used on a pcie 2.0 slot vs. a pcie 1.1 slot. So for your 5750 the difference will be negligible.

At lower resolutions the CPU matters more than the graphics card. So perhaps your CPU is the bottleneck. Its also possible that the problem is because of software, specifically your video card drivers. So update your video card drivers and also make sure you have upto date motherboard chipset, bios and other drivers installed.

^Hey bro, you covered all the aspects, thats nice :) . I would like to add a little bit, please have a clean windows installation with complete updated drivers and then check the performance.

thanks alot brothers ......... i have done it all... latest drivers from intel and ati website.... now am selling my pc and going to get xbox 360 elite edition.... i totally got sick of installing , patching the games and still not worthy to have a pc....

thanks alot for your help........