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I want to know that is it urdu composing can be done by unproffesional person or is it necessary for it to be trained because my uncle have lots of text in English which he wants to convert to Urdu. Now i don't really know how to do it. I searched on net and found about Inpage software. I didn't use it ever and no idea about urdu composing. If anyone have any experience then kindly share here, Thanks!



If you are using Windows XP or above you can install Urdu fonts and activate Urdu keyboard to type Urdu in any program e.g. MS Word, wordpad, notepad etc. You can use phonetic keyboard whic is easy to use. Instructions can be found at http://urdu.ca

To use Nastaliq font, you can search for Jameel Noori Nastaleeq font and you are done. HTH.

Sani Urdu composing for offset printing is mostly done in either Corel Draw or Freehand

but it is done in stages means people use Inpage for writing the urdu text and then copying it to corel draw if someone doesn't use corel draw so they save the file in corel draw and export it to Freehand and then they do the composing

But now i would like to tell you that you can compose a simple letter of urdu in Ms Word also

with same kind of Fonts which are available in unicode

If you are using Windows XP version you have to install the language support for Urdu

but if you are using Windows Vista or 7 you just have to enable the language support of Urdu

By enabling Language support and installing the keyboard of that language you can almost write urdu in any software that supports the unicode language and even on the web you can even mail in urdu.

اسی طرح جس طرح میں یہاں اردو لکھ سکتا ہوں

Visit this Urdu Forum for more they also have alot of urdu fonts free to download

Even Photoshop has separate version for unicode support which is know as Middle East version

So i have to buy Urdu keyboard for that? Because i tried with phonetic, its hard with that. Some words are not being written in way in which they're supposed to.

You mean buying a new Keyboard with urdu letters on it, no you don't have to

You just have to remember the keyboard layout for urdu, the default urdu keyboard in windows are not good they are heard to remember

But Phonetic Keyboards are easy to remember

but you have to install the phonetic keyboard in XP, Vista and 7

that is also free on the web just search on the web

The following Phonetic Urdu keyboard is for XP for Vista and 7 there is another Phonetic Keyboard with a little difference


Sani which OS are you using

Here are alot of Urdu unicode Fonts free to download

Best are Alvi Nastaleeq Font, Jameel Noori Nastaleeq and Jameel Nastaleeq Kasheeda

you can download others to and try out

Fonts name with their style


I am using Windows Xp. Man! my dad have lots of text in english which he want to convert to Urdu and i think its very difficult for me to do this. I guess we should give this work to composer.

use babylon translation software to translate english text into urdu

As I'm in the same field since 2004, so my experience of Urdu/ Arabic/ English composing is of about 6years. may I call professional myself now? :P

It looks a bit difficult in start but you'll be familiar with Urdu keyboard soon. anyway, if you wanna assign that job to someone, contact me as I'm working as a freelancer too :)

If you wanna check my experience, visit my Urdu blog: ibnezia.com/blog

(I don't know it's legal or not to provide services here... sorry if it's wrong)

Awesome!! It’s just what I need!! Thanks!..............

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There are many Software which can easily help you...search around the Google.

Whats that software called in which you write it in English and it simply coverts it to Urdu..? the one who are experts to compose it are familiar with the urdu keyboard.

its not a big deal to remember the urdu keyboard

See Post #5 that kind of keyboard is called Phonetic keyboard

just start typing Yes it will take some time it happens to every1

just start typing and one day you will remember the urdu keyboard

i was also think about this that how i can learn urdu composing, now i am very expert, its need just practical work, then you will be able to write it automatically