UPS Questions

hey guys i am totally new to this site and this is my first post. anyways, the thing is that i have 2 aurora 600 watt pure sine wave ups's.

one for the upper story and one for the ground floor. there are some questions of mine i would like u guys to kindly clear

1.what is charging duration? do u know that they have stopped charging? u need to prevent heating up of the ups?

mostly the load on the ground floor is 1 fan and 2-3 lights including night time. sometimes 2 fans

the load on first floor ups is 1 fan and 2 lights.

the lights are LED lights with consumption within 10 watts

nowadays loadshedding schedule is 2 hours present then 1 hour gone. sometimes it goes for long time like 8-9 hours as a result of problems in main power station etc. at that time they give backup upto 6 hours. i have attached 165 amp batteries to both of them

any suggestions regarding asked questions plus any additional ones? i would be totally obliged :)

600W ups charge battery @10A so full charge may be attained in 16.5Hrs, you said that they are giving you 6 hour backup, i suggest you to stop UPS at 4.5 Hrs as deep/full discharge will reduce battery life quickly.

Charger are designed such a way when battery charged at full they will provide float voltage (13.8VDC) to keep battery in charge state instead stop of charge or disconnect.

As per your load there would be no heating issue however fan should be operational at backup mode and dust free.