UPS overcharging the Battery

Dear members!

I am using Homage 1KVA UPS for last five years. My first Phoenix battery lasted 03 years. The second UPS battery has almost completed 02 years but now it is being ovecharged. Nowadays, as it is winter, the electric load shedding is not much frequent, yet most of the time the UPS is charging the battery. As a result it gets quite hot and the water evaporates every week.

I want to know whats faulty. The UPS or the battery? The battery has dried two times due to excessive evaporation.

Batteries might be faulty. If battery does not reach the level set as fully charged, UPS will keep charging. If it has been two years it is possible batteries have gone bad.

You can check voltage using multimetre/voltmeter.

^ Right.. battery time is almost up.. 2 years is plenty for their life time ..

your second battery is also pheonix or other brand?

My Phoenix XP165 lasted 3 years fine and now its time to replace it... But i came to know that even its not for UPS and has only 21 plates... for UPS I am going to buy UGS 215 having 25 plates and specially designed for UPS use.. Anyone have any idea of the price for the same?

^ its AGS..

no local battery is ever designed for UPS.. for ups, proper batteries are Dry batteries,, again, (none local,proper quality dry batteries are usually imported from china)

number of plates doesnot define it is made for ups or not.. for backup purposes you could even use a small 45AH battery.. or even as small as motorcycle batteries.. they also would provide backup..

number of plates and thickness of plates define 2 seperate things.. more plates means more backup time.. thicker plates mean deeper cycle than thin plates.. more plates means more appliances can be run, or same appliances for longer time when fully charged,,thick plates mean the battery can give more backup while discharging without more damage to the cells compared to thin plates.. they can withstand deeper discharge and return back to full charge state..

in AGS the GX2 series is better equiped to handle our pk power problems with good plates.. volta has IPS series batteries with some good feedback from users here.. they are supposed to be japanese engineered specifically for PK UPS...then the pheonix itslef is a very durable brand..

again.. thick plates for longer battery life, and more plates for extra backup is just the most simplified layman explanation.. 100s of other factors are involved in both of them and there is no single equation to distinguish one battery from other in different comanies

true high Quality batteries are Dry batteries.. all of the batteries we have imported, working in many industries , plazas, banks and even our own homes, have been working 100% from past 3 years and still going strong.with both UPS and Solar panels. :)

in general both are equally important... more backup time is always preffered.. but durabilty of battery is equally important for extended life . in each company there are specific models where the plates are thickest, after that they increase number of plates and they become thinnest to accommodate the extra plate per cell.. these are the worst batteries.

Aoa dear members,

I have the same problem of ups battery as the brother wrangler79 asked..

I had installed bridge power battery model RB220 with Homage neon series inverter model no 1203..upto 5 months the battery worked fine, but now 2 months have passed the overcharging issue is there..The ups is continuously charging the battery as a result battery heats up and it consumes water alot, sometimes the battery dries within days.

Is this a major issue of battery? Some sort of major defect problem is there? I had purchased the battery in July 2015 so about 7 months have been passed.

Kindly someone elaborate this defect..

I am using a HNE 3003 Homage inverter with 2 Phoenix 215 batteries. After 5 months of use the backup time reduced to under one hour. I got the Inverter checked by Homage Service who said it is working properly. When I took the batteries to Phoenix dealer I was told that they were overcharged. However, Phoenix replaced my batteries. The Inverter charges the batteries to 28.3 Volts, but the indicator never shows that it has stopped charging. However, the voltage drops to 24.8 V the moment inverter switches to backup mode. Can somebody please advise how to check if the batteries are over charging or not?

Dear Farhan_Ds AoA, by browsing and reading the different posts, i have come to known that u r very technical when it comes to UPS, Batteries, Solar Panels etc.

I am facing an unidentified and strange problem which is still happening with me even after doing lots of experiments n tricks, I am using 1000 watt "Tagrra" Desi UPS having Imran Brothers IB9 card/kit. I was using Phoenix UGS-175 battery which lasts 2 years and still working very well but i have shifted it to another portion at very low load (1Fan, 1ES) still i am getting 3.5+ hours.

After shifting old battery i ave installed new one (same Phoenix UGS-175) with that desi UPS during 1st week of March 2016, at that time there was no such load on ups as weather conditions was too good and there was no need to runs fans,

After 10/15 days when we put on the load, backup time was too low around 1.5 to 2 hours with 2/3 & fans 2/3 ES. I bought DMM and DC clamp meter, checked the cut off voltages it was fine @ 14.40v, ampere was at 15/16. I changed it to 18 then 20 but no change, Then I apply slow charging by reducing the amperes to 12 but found same result. I took the battery to Phoenix dealer, they checked it its gravity was too low (dead level, even at that time it was full charged by UPS). they said its fine and returned after charging. I came back and installed the battery, surprisingly its backup was enhanced but after 2 days got same result, I rushed back to Phoenix dealer and exchanged the battery with new one. But still i am facing same PROBLEM. I have changed the UPS but got same result. I bough a hydrometer and checked the gravity, it was very low to dead level even some times beyond that red level indicator (at full charge 14.40v). Now I have enhanced the cut off voltages to 15.30v, its gravity has become high touching the 1.200 right in the center of green on hydrometer. Its backup time also has much more increased as compared to earlier. but battery is getting hot and smelly also electrolyte is just like boiling, for sure this will kill the battery within no time.

I was reading about stratification may be its stratification or something else.

May be its due to bad electrolyte as I already had tries every thing. Dear please guide me.

waiting for your quick and positive response.

Never charge ur battery above 14 Volts

15 amp current is ok

Adjust low cutoff Voltage for UPS @ 9 V