UPS invertor and Battery help needed

Hi everyone,

I have browsed at various threads at this forum and there are many good comments however none suits my particular needs. So im going to list all the electrical appliances i need to run on this ups/invertor.

1. Samsung LCD TV Model#LA32C450 -- (not able to find output and input power volts required)

2. Laptop (Out 19.5V)

3. Creative 4.1 speakers (out 12V)

4. Modem (12V)

5. Wireless router (12V)

6. Fan (1)

7. Tubelight (1)

Backup time needed = 2-3 hrs

Kindly help me which ups/invertor and battery type is suitable for me because i have consulted many local ups walas but they dnt have good idea about how to make LCD tv work. Also i have read many people are not satisfied with homage so tell me if there are any other good alternatives Kindly help me with this issue.




thanks for helping me out. Can u please suggest me any alternative to homage inverter in the close price range?