UPS/INVERTER with 20A Option in Market

Hello WP fellows,

i just saw a inverter in market with 10 Ampare and 20 Ampare charging option, i need to know that it is safe to charge 150/160 AH battery with 20 Ampare charging option?

Because in mid summer due to lot of load shedding we need fast charging...


yes its ok to charge on that much current despite the battery should b of a reputable company and it would b best if u could charge 2 or 3 small batteries separately and connect the one when u r in need . it will not only give u the longer battery life but if in case of any battery faliuer u will only need to buy a small new one not a BIG and expensive one. i would suggest go for 3 maintenance free batteries 54 AMPs each or higher and forget the worries it will give u a very longer life .