UPS for Computer (Urgent)

Hello every one,

I am currently shifting to a new PC at home and was looking for a dedicated UPS for it since i want to take the load of the UPS running at our home which is a local made 2K VA version. The old system PSU is 750w from Corsair, 80+ bronze which is running fine with local made UPS for the past 5 years and i am assuming its not a pure sine wave(more on it below). The home UPS did had some issues throughout the years which probably was mainly the beating it took with the heavy load of my system running along with ceiling fans etc during summers.

For the new system i want to buy a separate UPS and was looking into brands like Homage but then i was struck with all the complexities and confusion. At first i was targeting the Homage HNE-2003 model which is 2K VA 1500w, perfect for my system consumption even though at full load the new system with monitors etc won't go beyond 900-1000w max.

On asking the local dealer about the Homage HNE-2003 model he couldn't confirm whether that model will be good for computers or not as to not let the system restart during switch-over. He did mentioned about the pure sine wave models of Homage which are double the price, around 40k to be exact.

So even though i had picked up 2 wet batteries of 180 i skipped buying the Homage UPS so i could first confirm whether it will run fine with a PC or not. Also found out many here favoring used imported APC units for computers. Few questions below.

  • Why are all models of Homage labeled as Inverters and not as UPS?
  • Anyone here used the non-pure sine wave models from homage with their computers? Do you experience the resetting of PC during switch-over?
  • Should i be targeting the APC models? If so i probably wont find them locally(Peshawar) and have to order it from Lahore etc. Will they be reliable? Which models?
  • Or should i simply take a deep breath and go with the Homage pure sine wave models considering the local warranty etc?

Came across the Inverex and CyberPower brands too but there aren't much reviews on them. Hope you guys can help out!

cyberpower is also a good brand like apc but in APC brand u have the advantage of repairing it from anywhere and also thy r cheap in case u buy refurbished one ..... apc smart models are puresine wave and thy r pretty much reliable ...... its 1500 va makes 980 watts and works with 2 batteries upto 175 ah ...... but if u want the ups with more wattage thn go for apc 2.2 kva which makes 1980 watts ..... thy r in rackmount shape as well as in tower shape ...... tower shape is some what expensive ... 2.2 kva works with 4 batteries .... .. apc fault ratio is very minimal so u dont have to worry abut its repairing ......

Thank you for the suggestions. The APC 2.2KVA you mentioned needs 4 batteries, is that necessary or will it be fine with the 2 x 180 i bought already? Whats the price of this model?

well by default it works with 4 batteries but being human n specially pakistanis we r always busy in JUGARZ so we are also converting it to work with 2 batteries but trust me its efficiency goes to zero and it acts like other pak cheen dosti or local ups ...... so stick to its original piece ....... for price i sent u a PM ....

APC 1500 Sui is around 980W and can easily handle your system, on 2 batteries, since your max load usually wont go beyond 500W.