UPS Charging Status and New Battery Charging Time?

Aslaam O Alykum

Payaray Bhaio I have purchased new battery 185A Phoinex, shopkeeper charged it an hour and then give it to me, when I came home and hold the battery it was realy hot, I called him he said not to worry and charge it further with my UPS, ok so I attached my UPS with the battery and left it to fully charged, it hardly took 40 more mins and My UPS shows that its 100% charged and cut out.

I just wana ask is it normal cause i heared new battery take atleast 3 - 4 hours to charge 100%? Can you guys tell me how much time a new battery take to fully charge ?

Is my UPS faulty ? its a repaired UPS several times.

Today we used the new battery and run 1 fan for an hour during loadshedding but i noticed that fan was a bit slow and when i ran 2 fans they become very slow and noisy … so I turn off the 2nd fan… when light came back charging status goes all the way down and starts charging again from 0%.

I have a doubt that my UPS is not fully charging the battery but showing wrong status of 100% charged. This UPS caused me loss of my last 2 batteries but we took it for repairing and he Said its OK now, but according to the current situation i still have doubts.

Can any one guide me properly what is going on here ? please reply as soon as possible.

First new battery after pouring in the electrolyte becomes hot its natural.
Let it cool for 8-10 hours at minimum when it’s temp is normal then connect charger and charge it fully that is when charging current is reduced significantly.
Neve ever fully drain these types of batteries.
Do not discharge below 50%…

When your charger says full check battery voltage and the gravity

bro I have already connected and charged the battery as I mentioned… so now I have to check battery voltage and the gravity how am supposed to do that? I dont have any kind of knowledge about it ? kindly guide me on this also thanks man.

To check battery voltage you need a simple digital multi meter. You set the knob to DC volts and then connect the red probe to battery positive and negative to battery negative. And see the readings at different battery status shown by your ups.

To check gravity you need gravity meter a one foot type syringe thing which you dip in each battery call suck some electrolyte in it and see the readings. At full charge statue it should read 1250