UPS buying suggestion

Normal Usage of my UPS is at max 4 Fans and 4 Energy savors.
What is the required Watt for the UPS i should buy.
I want to add stablizer with UPS.
Can any one tell me the price of UPS for that.
What things should be considered while buying UPS and how to check these.
Is anyone having experience of buying DesiUPS from Hall Road.

there are 100s of existing threads like these.. read them first in the forum..use search.

1000 watts ups will be fine for this load .........

for price check ur PM ........

Running cyberpower 2200VA from past three years, 2x135Ah AGS batteries, never had a single issue and batteries are still running fine with 2 fans, 2 lights, a laptop and a desk lamp.

Is 12v cyberpower is pure sinewave

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Sir! whatever ups u buy, Don’t buy APC. Its good for nothing.

Try Solar Ups in Pakistan

Can anyone guide me from where I can buy cyber power pure sinewave UPS inverter?

I was searching for pure sine wave ups and found the following:

On inquiring for the rates. I found the following:

  1. XL - 800 VA (12 V) = 12500
  2. XL - 1000 VA (12 V) = 13500
  3. XL - 1200 VA (24 V) = 15500

I am thinking to buy XL- 1000 VA model. Please suggest is it a good brand to buy? @farhan_ds @Ijaz_Ahmed suggestions needed please

a 24V ups is always a better circuit than a 12v. it would be useless to save 2000rs over a ups and burn through loads and batteries on yearly basis. always invest in a bigger better ups now, and buy smaller batteries now… invest in bigger ones latter.

PS: for 16k ups, simtek isnt that big a brand or a better performer. price for performance is too high… plus all desi ups have a very low cut off value going to 11v or even lower sometimes when battery is older leading to excessive discharges and overcharging… you might wana look into APC or some better pure sinewave inveter in that price with warranty…

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Typical Usage of my UPS is at max 4 Fans and 4 Energy relishes.