UPS buying help

Hey guys,

i recently moved to a hostel due to studies..

now the thing is that i cant bear loadshedding much.. i had a genset at home.. but here i dont have anything so i am thinking of buying a UPS or inverter...

now the things i wana run on it are

1 fan

1 Energy saver

1 24" LCD [max 45 watts]

1 pc 550watt Asus heavy duty power supply...

the first two things are compusory while other two things are something i can live without...

so tell me what ratting UPS/inverter will i need

1] only for fan and energy saver

2] for all four things

and the backup time i need for FAN is minimum 2 hours.. cuz lite goes for 2 hours in a row usually... and if PC is included i ll need like half an hour just to finish what i was doing...

so how much AMPs battery i ll need...

and how much all this setup will cost me? with better than good quality products and in warranty...

and which thing wud be better .. these bulky these UPS or those SMART Chinese inverters...

kindly help me out here....

have a look at my thread, i can provide APC 750VA to 1500VA new. and 750va to 5000va used in perfect working condition.

for you application 1000va is enough with 36ah batteries.

for just fans 750 is more than enough.

(2 people on the forum have bought ups from me.. and they are satisfied..)

for details you may call me at 300 2145557.

i am very satisfied with homage Chinese ups since last 2 years

You can search more here.


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