UPS / Battery Charger for ADSL

I am using my laptop for most of the time these days due to the increased load shedding and tripping from KESC. The only problem I am facing is the unavailability of Internet when power goes down.

What is the best option to get my ADSL modem running at the time of load shedding / tripping? Any cheaper solution which is suitable for powering just the Zyxel modem from Maxcom for two hours max?

Does it take 12V DC? If so, connect it directly o a 12V battery of appropriate capacity. Be careful the battery is not discharged to below 11V.

I believe it does take 12V DC using adapter. Can I find any ready made circuit with motorbike battery which can be used easily to power the modem automatically when the electricity goes down?

Don't believe. Confirm the output specs from the adapter. Also confirm the current rating.

dont ever forget to check the current-rating!!!!

i am also interested in doing some thing similar with my USR robotics Wifi ADSL modem.

details on its power adapter:

Input:230V~ 50Hz 140mA


Output: 9V --- 1.2A

What option do i have,i don't mind even a manual setup like battery charger and inverter.

car batteries are 12V ,motorbike batteries are also 12V?