UPS Battery Backup

Hello Seniors, pl comment.

My 14 months old Osaka Battery backup time has been reduce from 90 mints to 10 mints with in 1 day. Is that normal or should I call a tech guy.

Previously, It is providing at least 90 mint backup on 1 fan & 3x 24watt energy savers. Now fan is out of question just 1 energy saver server for 70-80 mints.

must be one of / many of multiple issues

1 - your ups is not charging the battery..

2 - one or more of your battery cells have gone dead..

3 - low voltage

4 - Miscellaneous technical issues

easiest way to check battery

1 - measure specific gravity with a hydro meter wich is easily available for 150rs.. it should be equal and 1.25

2 - measure battery terminal voltage using a proper DC voltmeter.. both when battery is dead and when ups says fully charged

easiest way to check ups

1 - use clamp voltmeter to check if there is charging of over 5 DC amps from the red or black wire connecting to ups

2 - check the fuse inside the ups.. they could have blown

then get the item at fault repaired accordingly

Charging circuit of you ups/inverter may have gone bad. Check your UPS and battery with some good electrician. always use distilled water in your battery for optimal performance

any one could let me know what should be the gravity of SEALED LED ACID BATTERY (company Leoch 7 amps) ?

i will open it and check the acid level because the time is reducing Gradually from 30 minutes to 20 minutes now .

donot open and damage your SLA battery.. at any cost.

unless it is leasking, or making bubbling sounds like boiling, donot touch it..

OOoops i read this post a bit late . i have opened the patient (battery) and the level of liquid was down , one cell was looking dry , i pour the distilled water in all the cells and after charging it 24 hours on low current , it is working like a brand new battery alhamdoLILLAH .

today i again sealed it with the samad bond :) and this time it is hooked up with my this desktop :)

may ALLAH give this battery a long long life , say aameen :)