UPS and Stabilizer recommendation

Hi All,

Could someone please recommend a UPS to me and where to buy one from Karachi. I would use it with my PC and by my estimate, i would need about UPS with 1500VA capacity pure sine-wave. Reason for looking for pure sine-wave UPS is that the PCU on my PC has active pfc and i have heard that simulated sine wave at slightly above average load can make PC restart.

Can someone also recommend stabilizer for my Refrigerator. Its rated input is 170W and had inverter compressor.


buy APC BRAND … its 1500 va is pure sinewave n makes 980 watts … cost u 18k with one year warranty … don no neone in karachi cux m in lahore … check out this URL . … for stabilizer use RELAY WALA STABILIZER not SERVO ONE … normally people buy 1000 watts stabilizer for fridge … it will cost u 3.2k …


Regarding the warranty for APC UPS, how to claim it? I mean if i can buy one from Lahore then is there after sales service center for APC in karachi? Does anyone know of any APC retailer in Karachi?

For stabilizer, will Universal Model: A-10 (1000 Watts) enough? Product description on universal website describes it as a 2 Relay -1 Meter stabilizer. How is that different from A-10 DT which has 3 Relay -2 Meter.


well i hv many clients in karachi BUSINESS ENTITIES as well as users of WP and PW … first of all APC don conked out so easily but yes i hv a resident engineer in KARACHI ho looks after my COMMERCIAL CLIENTS … in case of stabilzer buy any local made but it shud b 9 relay wala with copper winding and make the shopkeeper to write down all specs on receipt so that in future he dont deny abut it n also make him giving u 1 year warranty …

Thanks again! Is it possible for you (or any you reference) to deliver the APC UPS you mentioned to karachi?

I don;t have much knowledge about difference between number of relay :slight_smile: when you said “9 relay wala with copper winding”, does this mean that 9 relay are better than 2 or 3 relay model that universal is selling?


my mode of transport is daewoo cargo to other cities only … relay quantity is mentioned on every stabilizer … yes more relays means more protection …