Upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone could help me with this situation. I just bought a new Sony Vaio (VPCEA15FA) and it came with a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. The laptop comes with lots of Vaio exclusive drivers and software. All the drivers and software are available to download from the Sony Website.

Now I have a genuine purchased Windows 7 Ultimate key and I want to do a "Clean" Install and was going to download and install all the original drivers and software from the sony website, such as the Vaio Gate, Sony Care, Camera Utility, bluetooth, etc... but accoring to sony support site and a service rep I spoke with, these drivers and software will only work with the original operating system (Windows 7 Home Premium)... I don't quite buy this because it's the same base operating system the drivers and software should work if I try to re-install them. So if anyone could please give me some insight before I try doing this, I would appreciate it.

Moreover as I have only the key, so in any case I will have to download Windows 7 Ultimate from a torrent. Will it also have any affect on the activation or not.


Device Drivers will work on all version of windows 7 and for upgrade Try windows anytime upgrade.