Upgradation at My Exchange

well today and 2 days ago i received call from Islamabad center that up-gradation at my landhi exchange is being processed from 17 july to 21 july . so there for from 1 am to 9 am all the phone lines will be dead . :angry: .

net na chalay ga//

which type of up gradation ??

some one told me in exchange that they r converting on soft switching

what is soft switching ??

Will this improve our pings? The Upgradation carrying on at the moment in phone Exchanges?

i dnt think it will affect our pings....

well i hear they are upgrading the dslam and other equipment to zte and huawei from alcatel . and all the equipment support vdsl bonding and ftth features a insider told me .

I also got this call, I am in Jauhar but it didn't happen at my place !!!