Update: Gmail and Google Voice integration "WORKING" in PK


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Yesterday Google announced that Google Voice is integrated into Gmail, so I want to know from those of you who got Google Voice accounts in Pakistan are you able to use this service?

I already have Google Voice account and I installed "Google Voice and Video" plugin software but I am not seeing Google Voice icon in my gmail.

below link, this is how gmail should look like with google voice account but all i am seeing is old version, really frustrating.......




i am happy!!!!!!!!! to tell you Gmail and Google Voice integration is working perfect in Pakistan, no IP location issue, my mistake i jumped into bitching and crying mode too fast and early sorry about that, well it took some time for google to update Gmail accounts.

I got "google voice and video chat" plugin installed, so when Gmail window is open in the browser and once Gmail logs me in Google chat then "Call phone" icon comes up and I can make free calls to USA and Canada and as long as my Gmail windows is open in browser then anybody calling my regular US Google Voice phone number then I am receiving calls in Pakistan also with no problem, voice quality is crystal clear, so no more need to run Gizmo5 client, just leave browser open with Gmail account open then you got nice little phone system. cool stuff!


bro singing up for google voice now require at least one existing USA landline/cell number for verification so its not as easy as it was when i got my account.

I got my grandcentral account when it was just a start up, but at that time it only required that new account be made from USA ip, so I used good proxy USA ip, once grandcental account was made then it didn't care which part of world i logged in from, i simply routed the calls to my gizmo5 clients sip 1-747-xxx-xxxx and it worked perfect.

then came along google voice and grandcentral frontpage popped up upgrade to google voice with gmail login, then i tried to upgrade with my local Pakistani ip it told me this is only available in USA, then i tried the same upgrade process with good proxy USA ip, logged into grandcentral and the upgraded to google voice with my gmail login, within 40 seconds i was in google voice and it worked like charm, then in regular logins after that i logged into google voice with local pakistani ip (without proxy) it never gave me any problem and till now i am a happy camper.

so i guess ip issue only pops up when you are signing up for new google voice account, once its all setup and done then google don't care which part of the world you login from.

Google voice is only available in the US and so is this integration.

oh thanks i guess they are using ip location then, well this is the first time.

well yes its US only service with call to US but in the past once google voice account was created with US IP then google voice is operational from any part of the world. all you do is trigger the call at google voice webpage and route it through gizmo5 client, for me this setup is working since it was grand central and even its working till today, but this gmail integration thing is ip location sensitive this is something new and really bad for people like me who are outside USA and make calls to USA on regular basis .

^ It never worked with me, even initially, when it was started. Yes! I had to create the account on a US computer, but when I accessed Google Voice from here from within the browser, it always prompted me that it's only available to US.

You perhaps just need to set up for forwarding completely being on computer from US. and it just continues to forward calls to the phones which you have set it up with. Then there is not any thing remains related to IP. Your call gets forwarded according to your setup.

As I get from your text you might have availed a US number from Gizmo to receive calls and have set it up on your Gizmo client on your computer... right? and then are forwarding Google Voice calls to your Gizmo number? If yes.... then it obviously doesn't remain to be checked with IP any more...

But.... did you ever try to access your GV account information on (http://www.google.com/voice) from a local computer in Pakistan? any time? from within the web browser? It won't open up...

The same way, if you access gmail on the web from outside of US, it won't get you GV services.

Don't know about Google Voice but yesterday Google just released Call Phone which allows you to call USA and Canada for free till 31 December 2010 at least and international at very cheap rates. Just log into Gmail and on left side where it displays contact you will see Call Phone. Click on it and start making calls!!!

It is not available for all users though because my friend logged into his account and this option was not available. May be all users will have this option in a few days!?


^ Yes! it's what 'kamran1x1' was talking about perhaps. and this is what I assumed to comment on, even before.

It's related to Google Voice in some way when you wish to receive calls on your Gmail Interface or when you wish your personal Outbound Number to be appeared on some one's phone whom you call from Gmail Interface.

Other wise it's not related to Google Voice when you only use for outbound calls and not willing to have your personal Outbound ID or not willing to receive calls on it.

And this is what we were about being limited to US. I am also even not able to see that option in one of my Gmail Accounts (with every thing set in address/language to US) and even when visit on a computer from within US. Yet confusing for some ones who are not seeing this option residing in US or some ones even are able to use this option being in UK (according to the comments at unofficial googlesystem blog).

Yes! (according to the googleblog) they are working to make it available broadly....


please read my update on original first post above

Strange!!!!! I also got the "Call Phone" option in all of my Gmail accounts, whether they are signed up with Google Voice or they aren't, as I mentioned above the "Call Phone" option on Gmail doesn't require an account signed up with Google Voice.

besides that Google Voice website has also started opening (without a country blocked prompt) even here, which was just not opening when I tested right before posting the first comment in thread....

I think this thread made a good push to Google...


I guess, "Call Phone" option in Gmail has been enabled now (not only for US based users any more). I just checked with another account and it's there....

All of the accounts are having initial $0.10 free.



I figured it out, you are right even regular gmail accounts get "call phone" provided the plugin is installed i guess, to me it looks like google is beta testing the outgoing calls to US from any regular gmail accounts, since the notification pops up free calls to US in 2010, so its only 4 month left till 2011, so its more like beta 4 months testing in my opinion.


I did some testing people I know in US, I used gmail with google voice account and also regular gmail account below are the results

Regular GMAIL accounts:

- More like 4 months of beta testing for outgoing calls only.

- Only out going phone calls and no incoming phone calls

- Out going SMS only, i guess no incoming SMS

- When you make phone call from regular gmail account or send SMS at the receiving end the person get random phone number in Caller ID.

Gmail accounts with Google Voice:

- Full phone system with dedicated Google voice phone number as your called ID

- You can make calls and at the same time you can receive calls also right in you browser with Gmail logged in.

- You can send SMS and receive SMS at your Google Voice number

- The phone calls you make and SMS you send, at the receiving end person gets your Google Voice number as Caller ID and not some random phone number.

Lastly I am pretty sure tech sites like gizmodo and engadget will scrutinize and test it to the core, so more solid information in on the way.

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You can send SMS and receive SMS at your Google Voice number


But now they restricted SMS to US numbers only i guess? Please confirm.


yes you are right, for few months it worked awesome i used to send SMS to Pakistani cell phones and the messages received instantaneously, but sadly it doesn't work anymore, just limited to US only (I am not sure about Canada though)


it's working now. calling Canada from last 25 minutes.

I tried very hard, installed plugin and did everything. But it dint work for me too. :(


its working perfect for all the people i know, karachi lahore sialkot, islamabad etc, just a note, make sure you got your gmail account setting location to USA and also US time like eastern time zone etc may that causing it not to appear.

^I didn't set location to USA and it worked smoothly.

^ Yep there is no need to set address to some specific location, that's what I said in my previous comment...

In fact now I just noticed with one other new account that the "Call phone" option has been embedded in the Chat Box of Gmail, even if voice and video chat plugin is not already installed. It just prompt you to install the plugin when you try to make a call...

And that's good UI....

@Engel; Just check again, I hope that you would see it... Best of luck....

previously I was using callingamerica.com

Now when I used this google voice than it was really an awsome experience with crystal clear voice and without any delay.

^^ I still can't see the feature in my Gmail :'(

Any way to make it work in Nokia E72?

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Any way to make it work in Nokia E72?

not sure but you can try Fring…

BTW why not use skype on E72???

your E72 is incomplete without it.