Uniworth Black is Uniworth's Ultra-Premium ranged wardrobe label.

Uniworth Black is proud to be the first ever nation-wide men brand with its unique concept, design and product range. The purpose of creation of label “Black” is to deliver highest level of elegance to those who are not compromising to wear the best a wardrobe can offer! Each Uniworth Black showroom is designed as a single sales unit where a customer can walk-inn and buy a premier & classic range of formal, semi formal, ethnic attires and accessories like ties, wallets, cufflinks etc

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No its not at highest level in Pakistan. I bought the black dress shirt. Its fabric quality and stitching not at par compare to other premium local brands.

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^what other premium brands? recommendations please.

cz uniworth is already dam expensive..only thier dress shirts are good but daaamn expensive

even Royal tag , which have way more fancy styling in their suits and italian cuts, cost 30-50% less than uniworth and look like james bond.

I've used Cambridge and Marks and Spencer shirts. They're a lot better compared to uniworth, at least in the price range that uniworth black is being sold at.

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^but their variety isnt that broad and still extremely expensive.

any better affordable brand with good variety.?

Check Diner's and UltraClub.

Cotton & Cotton, Cambridge etc. I mostly buy & stock when on sale.

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