Universal UPS

Dear forum members i have a universal 4+4 ups(4 fans and 4 tubes lights can be powered)...when battery used to fully charged it used to show green light now it doesnt so it means it is overcharging and secondly it doesnt have over discharge protection...like if u r sleeping at night and light goes off like for 3 hours and its running 3 fans after one n half hour it starts reducing speed of fans like drop in voltage in 2:30 to 3 hours fan speed drops down so low that one's sleep is disturbed due to it it means at last it drop down voltage so much and also suck the very last inch of the battery power...what instrument i need to install on that ups to solve these two problems...someone told me about a chip or circuit that can be installed on it and it will give over charge and over discharge protection???

Digital kits are available to over come this trouble.

If you live in Lahore, go to Mubasher Electronics in Hall road they will replace the PCB with latest one which have many features including Over-charging, battery low voltage cut-off etc. I think it would be cost about Rs.1500-1800.

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Mubasher Electronics Hall road


Sorry price for new kit and istallation cost is approx Rs.3000.

THANK YOU Signode...i live in Peshawar but u gave me an estimate of cost...PCB and kit is samething