Universal Power adapter for LAPTOP

I need information on Universal Power adapter for LAPTOP, I am talking about one of those Chinese ones with different voltage selector for LAPTOPS which are available in computer market. i got HP laptop which requires 18.5 volt (3.5 amp), so if anybody knows about good and reliable Chinese power adapter for LAPTOP (also the price) please guide/share you info here, i am waiting for original HP adapter which I'll get it by April from Dubai but in the mean time i want to get by with Chinese one.

Although original/geniune power adapters are Made in China, those are much reliable and quality assured products. I would suggest you not to buy any third party chinese adapter, however in the mean time you can buy a used (but original/geniune, may be even repaired) adapter from old computer shops. In Lahore these are easily available from Hafeez center, and in Rawalpindi from Dubai Plaza. I am not sure where are you located.

Don't risk your laptop's life by feeding it with a third party chinese adapter.

My Dell D620's power adapter died a month before.

I bought a new dell adapter (Rs.1000/-) for my notebook. After 15 days it got too hot and blew up with smoke.

I bought another one at the same price. In 20 minutes it blew up exactly the same way.

I managed to get replacement but it become too hot in 10 minutes. I am now using it with intervals of 10 minutes.

Any advice ?

ps: I am using the same power cable with all three adapters.

I would second Ijaz's opinion. Buy a used power adopter. Don't risk your laptop for a couple of thousand rupees. HP laptop charges can be found a dime a dozen. You wouldn't even need to buy a new one if you find a used adapter in good working condition. Just make sure its not a repaired unit.