UNI-T volt meter LCD broken :(

Dear All, My volt meter lcd has broken a couple of days ago and now it is showing 888888 and all other marks on lcd are visible. I want to replace the lcd so can anyone guide me if and from where can I get it and in how much?

I live in Lahore and what I think I should go to hall road. so anyone wanna tell to which shop should I go to get it replaced?

This is the meter model



It's probably the circuit board or the connection problem of LCD with the main circuit.

All of my digital meters show 8888 when powered up but for few seconds.

Have you tried replacing the batteries?

UNI-T voltmeters are available in range of Rs.500/. So purchasing a new one is better then replacing the LCD. I am sure its spare LCD is not available at Hall Road.

most models arent cheap. the clamp meters cost upward of 3500rs nowdays.

LCD repair or repair might be possible.. its on the left side of the main nala in middle of hall road.. shops in the left side plaza ground floor may be helpful..its a huge market going inside, keep searching.

Thanks all for replies. Sorry I was not available due to tight schedule and got some work done on my car this weekend.

@Ijaz" bro I have opened and visually inspected the LCD, its one corner is broken off and showing a crack. I was working perfectly until

dropped it :( ... so its certain that LCD is broken..

@attock: bro it was working perfect and as stated above its LCD is broken.

@signode: bro this model is around 4000-5000 so not a cheap option...

@farhan_ds bro: you are right LCD is broken and I am in search of its replacement. Thanks for sharing locations. I will definitely visit and try my luck... if you know any specific shop or person then it will be big help as you know shopkeepers there do not bother telling directions of the required shop...


no specific shop. u will have to search. cz not everyone has such parts.. but u will probably find a replacement.

Thanks bro... I will be going there soon.

Hey guys, I went to Hall road today in search of Meter LCD but was disappointed to see that no one has it and no one repairs it :( .......can anyone tell me how and from where to get its LCD or I need to purchase new meter?

If purchasing new meter then please guide me which meter is good. I don't need much options like capacitance etc... just AC/DC voltage and resistance measurement and yes it should be clamp meter so I can measure my UPS's charging amps too.


I am facing another issue with my UPS and I don't have meter to check now :(

couple of months ago my desi UPS ' charging module was burnt and I replaced it. Now it starts charging and after couple of seconds it stops charging showing full battery led indication. No matter how much I change FULL variable but it stops charging after couple of seconds and I can feel battery is not getting fully charged... any thought?

problem 1 - Solution: buy new meter

problem 2 - Solution: buy new meter

Thanks, any suggestion for good budget meter?

UniT 200-201-203 models are clamp. and much more durable.


Hi guys, as mentioned in my previous post, my ups was ticking start/stop charging like 2 seconds of charging then 5 seconds stop then again 2 seconds charging and so on...

Today morning it didn't converted to ups when light went off :( .... Checked and found 2 out of 5 the transistors were burnt (IRFP150N) ..on 1 plate. So removed them removed 5th transistor from second plate (5 on both sides) and soldered on first plate making 4-4 on both sides..

Then fitted back everything and connected to battery. It is giving output as tested by plugging mobile charger but its too much noisy now and also even on/off button is off it still runs and led show no status...

Please help what could be wrong? Some other transistor is also faulty or some issue with kit now???

Ups is in open state so urgent help will be highly appreciated..


which ups?

if pic of the ups open is available where the problem started, ijaz and aurangzeb would be able to point out exact problem.

Its Desi UPS bro... 500 watts... has Lahore Electronics gudka kit and IRFP150M transistors earlier but 2 months ago when they burned after almost 3 years of great working, I got new made plates from nearby shop who didn't has 150M but instead 150N which I heard is low amp variant.... but it hardly lasted 2 months and yesterday it burnt again...

I have pics of old plates which I post now and will take pics of kit and plates and post after 2pm today.... one thing I need to ask is as you will see from pics is there any difference in using resistors between the points or direct connection mentioned in pic ? and what is the purpose of these 2 wires going from each plate to the kit.?

( By the way as I remember you are near naqsha stop wahdat road Lahore?? )

Here are more pics of the UPS in current scenario..... in 3rd and 4th pics you can see plate burned on one side where I cut it and remove 5th transistor :)



Come on guys.....someone needs help here. Saturday is only day I can avail and I need to get it fixed..@Ijaz Ahmed , @aurangzebhaque bros???

Farhan bro I live near muslim town so can we meet up?

Whenever a MOSFET burns in a parallel bank, always change all MOSFETS in that bank. Though the surviving MOSFETs seem OK with meter but they have been exposed to stress and they will fail soon.

Also check the gate driver BJTs (most likely they are on the KIT).

100R resistance in series with gate terminal is a good practice. It slows down the turn ON time of the MOSFET.

The two brown wires which you are asking about (going from plate to kit), are gate drive for the MOSFETs