Unable to Connect to ZTE 831C Modem Interface

Since yesterday I am unable to access internet and my modem (192.168.1..1)

Since yesterday It shows local area connection limited if I connect through automatic IP configuration.

Before yesterday it will working fine on automatic configuration.

I have made several call to PTCL help line 1218 they instruct me to enter manual IP and DNS.

after doing that it shows Local Area Connection status connected.

but the problem is still not resolved and I am unable to connect to modem.

and whenever i try to ping the result is request time out.

the last solution they provide is to reset the modem. I do that but still unable to connect to modem.

The DSL light is stable.

Is there something wrong with my modem. should i replace it. and how do i replace the modem.

First of all please change the ethernet(lan) patch cable with new one from computer accessories shops or electronic shops.then connect it with ur modem and computer.

1. then right double click on the computer blinking in ur task bar at bottom right(where it shows limited connectivity).

2.then click on properties.

3. Now click on Tcp/ip protocol and set it to use following ip address.

now like this

IP adress;

subnett : just click then:


dns server;

Thats all!

Do all that is mention above and post what u got

solve the problem. as usaual. Install a fresh windows.. and it works fine

lol lol lol

that modem need dns...