!@#$ Ufone

I have been sending and receiving Multimedia messages since 2005 when I bought my first colored screen cell phone. I was able to send and receive multimedia messages fine until dec last year when I was using my SE c903 but then I got my galaxy S. I tried everything to get MMS to work on the galaxy S but no matter what I tried i couldn't send or receive any MMS's at all. What was really annoying was that it drained my credit like hell, each failed sent message was costing me around 30 Rs. but I kept trying, I changed firmwares, kernels hoping something would fix it but all in vain. Then I thought that the set was faulty so I checked it with zong and warid but on those networks it was able to both send and receive MMS just fine so I tried more every other day until I ran out of credit.

Earlier today I got my old set out in order to send a few MMS messages but I kept receiving an error so I called their service center and the effing guy tells me you cannot send or receive MMS's unless you activate it. I was boiling with anger at the frustration of installing, deleting and tweaking my access points on my mobile for the last 6 months but I just hung up and am here now venting my anger. The retards have devised a new plan to suck credit out of people, deactivate their MMS then when they try sending one charge them 30 Rs for each try. This easily has cost me over 5-6k.

I think its time to switch networks perhaps.

Sucks - Guess that's the reason GPRS/Edge all of sudden stopped working on my phone a few months ago (on ufone).

Off-topic: How's Galaxy S compared to the nexus one?