Ufone Unlimited Internet @ Rs 3.99/day?

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Click on m.facebook.com to use facebook from ur handset and stay connect with ur social network. Get unlimited Internet daily @Rs 3.99. SMS sub to 804 now.

No mention on ufone site about it. Is it real ?

its has been already on their website


not unlimited only 2 Mb i subscribed it few days back and i also checked the balance its actually only 2 MB for 3.99

Thanks, I thought that 2MB offer was different but it's the same "unlimited" thing. Not really unlimited considering that a checkin or status update is enough to eat 1MB

opening facebook app on iphone ate 200-300 KB

listen guys why you are wasting members time here, look i clicked on this thread and i am writing this post which is utter waste of my time and also someone's time who is gonna read it.

- look brother until there is atl least almost obsolete bona fide 3g real unlimited internet in pakistan then only one should start mobile internet thread related to pakistan,its a common sense thing to be honest, majority of world has started 4g networks already

- at this time majority of walking around with smartphones which are as cheap as 13000 rupees for starter.

- wasting time on GPRS capped discussions is utter stupidity.

- even if i take a cheap ass 3000 rupees nokia phone and open up some WAP content 2 gigs GPRS data would disappear in matter of minutes, then how the hell it can keep up with data hungry androids and iphones, its just utter stupidity from financial point of view to buy nonsense packages like 3.99 rupees for 2 gig etc.

- given the minimum data requirement of the smartphones majority of us carry now a days almost obsolete 3G speed with real unlimited data package is must, until the local cell companies meet those requirements i think one should refrain from ghissi pitti GPRS related threads.

- but i do encourage that we as member should talk about any news related to implementation of 3G data networks in pakistan, or news about newer data tech around the world.

- lastly come on man enough is enough on GPRS and shitty rip off packages. change the d-amn topic.

This is deception, at least what I think. What is the purpose of calling it unlimited when capped at 4 GB. I am stuck to Ufone as I couldn't find any better alternative according to my desires.

Ufone has terrible internet packages.

^ Kamran is correct unless ofcourse you plan to avail their post paid unlimited package, however sometimes when a person is on the road and needs to access the net then he or she has no option but to subscribe to their Gprs services.

why i remember my cousin had just recently brought an iphone and subscribed to their gprs and he was constantly looking at the data meter like a taxi-wala :D and say o crap o crap i just consumed 2mb lol

By the way what is the average and top speed one gets on Gprs?

Kamran is always correct like Hassan Nasar :D

[quote="Frost, post:9, topic:16081"]
By the way what is the average and top speed one gets on Gprs?

mostly it depends on your signal strength & the tower you are connected but if you are in good coverage then You'll get around 25 to 30 KB/sec

Ufone is terrible terrible and just crap :(