Ufone Uchat and Opera

Hello guys

I use Ufone and normal browsing from the default browser (The Sony Erricsons W800i's own browser) works BUT applications do not. For example the uchat software and Opera software do not work.

I have tried to do some trouble shooting and heres what I have come up with

1) Inserting a Telenor Sim and CHanging the settings to the telenor settings allows the applications to access the net.

2) Re-Requesting Ufone GPRS and MMS settings (They come at the same time) does not help

3) Ufone uses HTTP (Atleast thats what the settings say) and Telenor uses WAP (Again, thats what the settings say.)

Can anybody help me find the solution to my problem?

P.S each time the app loads, it asks if it can access the net to which i accept. Telenor Does connect and Ufone Does NOT.

You have make default connection for all software than those software will access ufone gprs. You may check network option for this and / or software option.