Ufone to Zong/Telenor/Mobilink

Hello all,

I am currently on Ufone..but not very happy with the limitations that it has placed on 3g. They are the only company to have placed speed limits on packages that are also among the more expensive out there.

does anyone have any recommendations of the 3g service available in Karachi on Zong, Mobilink or Telenor? Would you switch or wait it out and hope they come out with better packages in the future?

Mobilink seems to be a practical option. Zong seems to be the more adventurous. appreciate any and all advice!

Thanks :)

If 3G speeds are really important to you then Zong is the best option without any doubts. Telenor is 2nd best option. Mobilink and Ufone 3G is really slow at the moment.

Coverage-wise Zong & Ufone are really good in Karachi, Then Mobilink and Telenor.

Package-wise they're all pretty close except Ufone. Ufone's packages are indeed the worst right now but i would like to think they'll improve them soon (otherwise they'll be seeing a lot of MNP requests hehe).

Personally i wouldn't suggest porting out so soon, give it some time, 3G coverage is not that good right now anyway. But if you're desperate then Zong is the best option among those...

ufone sucks big time.

Thanks for the advice Upsilon. I might wait out another month to see what Warid brings to the table. Karachi 3g coverage is pretty decent tbh.