Ufone sending cricket message without subscribe but with charges

Ufone are charging me daily for cricket message although I have not subscribe and tried to unsubscribe it do not because I haven't subscribed. Call help line and they resolve issue without refund but it starts again with charges.

Any suggestion please

yups this happened to me too...

This happened normally when I used to send bulk smses to my friends from different networks, particularly Warid, Telenor or Zong using Android phones. (Worked fine on my Nokia E61)

For some reason it would send an alert to the Ufone network and send me cricket notifications .

I contacted Ufone several times, a few times I got smug responses saying I was at fault, but a few of them pointed out that is a bug in the system and it would be best if I took it to a ufone franchise directly.

Currently I send sms to fewer than 3-4 people at a time.

Go to ufone directly and have this reported ASAP.

Android Phones that I used and still happened:

- Samsung Galaxy S3

- Motorola Atrix2

- Motorola Cliq XT

Today i contacted to help line and talked some dump head when i infirmed him that i will complin of him than he did serious work and msg stop comming.