Ufone Package Conversion Code?

Can someone tell me the conversion code to convert to the default ufone package. The one that is there when you buy a new sim. I have been trying to search on their website but in vain. Currently i am subscribed to some package of their's which deducts 5 rupees daily, i really need to stop this.

dial 444 and then select your package .... a automated voice will guide you. You can get information about different packages from Ufone helpline.. then remember their name and select 1 out of them by dialing 444

I would suggest you to select uwon

on net calls : Rs 1 per min

off net calls: Rs 1.6 per min

no daily deduction


yar exec u r an old member i didnt expected this.................

call ufone help line if u need number then here it is 333

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am i wrong in anyway....

i remember there was a guy few days ago asking how to activate msgs in zong ............


no u r not..... m an old member of this forum and its more feels like a helpline for many companies then the actual technical forum it was used to..... so m with ur spanking spree :)

Dude i cant connect to their helpline, i have tried at least a dozen times and at one instance waited 30 minutes for someone to answer. They never pick up. I am not fond of their adverts either to keep hearing them.