Ufone Offers Daily MMS Package

After SMS packages' tariffs have hit their bread limit, here comes a new agenda on table to combat. Ufone has introduced daily MMS package for Rs. 3.99 to send as many as 150 MMS in 24 hours.

Daily MMS Package details:

* Charges: Rs. 3.99 + tax

* Number of MMS allowed: 150

* Validity: 24 Hours


* Maximum size for MMS is 300 KB

* MMS receiving on Ufone numbers is free

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe the Daily MMS Package simply send "sub" to 665

How to Un-subscribe?

To un-subscribe send "Unsub" to 8665. Un-subscription is free of charge.

Terms and Conditions:

* The Daily MMS package is available to all Ufone Prepaid customers.

* The service is accessible on GPRS supportive handset only.

* All charges are exclusive of taxes.

* The Daily MMS package is valid for a period of 24 hours from the time of subscription

* The customer can check remaining free MMS by sending a blank SMS to 650 – each inquiry will be charged at 50 paisa plus taxes

* Upon auto-renewal of Daily MMS Package after 24 hours, remaining MMS from the previous day will not transfers over to the next day

* The remaining valid free MMS will be available till expiry time even after un-subscription

* 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.






thats what i have been waiting long for... MMS revolution in Ufone...

Ohh, gr8 news...

Thanks for Informing us..

Another breakthrough by Ufone.. ;)

Anyone actually subscribed to it yet? :)