Ufone has launched 3G service in Lahore for FREE

Just checked their official fan page on Facebook where they mentioned that till 10th May 2014 Ufone is offering the 3G service absolutely free.

Those who are from Lahore, are you getting their 3G service? please reply here with your feedback.

I am waiting for Zong 3G service :)

area coverage at the moment

Ufone isn't the only one providing free 3G trial in selected areas of Pakistan.


Besides telenor, some mobilink customers are also claiming to use 3G on various forums.



:P :P :P

Where is Zong in all this? They got 4G but not offering free trials?

today i have been using this 3G service on my phone ,Maximum speed i was able to hit was 6.50 Mbps , n i consumed my 500 Mb Limit with in no time ,then they drop my speed at 256kbps , Its free till then 10 May 2014

O God 6.50 Mbps....!!!! This is going to be a very expensive service, I guess..

i got signals at my hospital ( lahore general hospital) and upto t block dha, lahore. Not getting them in my house in U block dha though....speed at lgh eas 4 mbps and at dha around 5 mbps

Can anyone confirm if 3GB trial of Ufone is working in Samanabad or Iqbal town areas ?

Just curious if users of 3G test service can share their mobile screenshots of speed.