Ufone brings N8 to Pakistan!


This is great to see a telecom carrier to announce a handset which is in the hype these days. Ufone will be selling nokia N8 exclusively to its customers for a 25% discounted price! No info is given if this will be postpaid or prepaid and no release date is announced by Ufone so far but we know that a batch of N8 was shipped from the factory yesterday somewhere in europe. It wont be long for a shipment here in Pakistan.

If you are not aware the Nokia N8 will be the first device hosting the symbian^3 OS and includes a 12 MP camera for capturing those great moments.

Moreover now the Nokia N8 can be experienced by u at nokia customer service centers. This will be only on selected outlets. Still something worth trying.

Something like this is surely first time in Pakistan!

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What do you reckon would be the cost for this handset?

Great news. Carrier locking would be pain for some people but as I'm already on Ufone so It would be great for people like me.

More over the I think its the last symbian 3 series set not the first :/

I confirmed the price in Dubai which was 62000 PK rupee.

EngeL: The following is on Wikipedia;

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Full HD output, Nokia N8 first device. C6-01, C7, E7 appears in the nearest future.


I would like to correct myself that the N8 will be on Prepaid Ufone only as it is in the prepaid section of the ufone website.

Not the features. As I said the last symbian mobile having symbian 3.

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The head of Marketing for Nokia Asia Pacific, Will Harris, also told associate editor Joseph Hanlon that the N8 will be the last Nseries to run on the Symbian platform and that future Nseries models will sport MeeGo.



There is 25% off, on pre-orders through Ufone. Which will cost you around 42,000/- in full.

I'm on ufone. I'd love to get one.

But a smartphone with symbian doesn't attract me! Ain't wm and android more attractive.

^ I rekon we shud give symbian a try. Afterall its the most successful smartphone OS since the last decade [or less] or so.. I would not compare the symbian^3 with s60 i i were u.

From what i have heard that Andriod eats up battery time pretty fast.. so symbian may be the solution. This only time will tell.

Nokia recently announced that they are switching over from Symbia to Meego or something. Symbian is dead. I had a symbian phone for years and the updates are really infrequent, and those too generally for bug fixes. With Android or Apple, the phone software keeps getting more powerful and usable.

Don't forget, usability is the most important feature, IMHO, and Symbian sucks at that.

to tell u the truth symb software sucks big time. I am using samsung omnia hd and there are no app store or any support whatsoever so dont go for symb thats my opnion

Meh. Symbian, no thanks. I'll stick to my Android.

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… With Android or Apple, the phone software keeps getting more powerful and usable…

Don’t forget, usability is the most important feature, IMHO, and Symbian sucks at that.


Thats the point Symbian remains limited… while the users want to dive into their device and Feel it.

Just got N8. and been with it since Thursday...

A quick comment for Nokia N8 would be like that..

"Quite Awesome. Can't be compared with older Symbians. It's a lot changed regarding the user experience and interface.

A lot of improvements and additions are there in this device. there are still some lacks which I feel they are. but I would like to mention the bad things which you would have read all around the web in reviews (I would call them crap biased reviews). They intended to pinpoint many things just to keep it down.

1 - Navigation through out the itnerface. (A lot of menus)...

The thing is that they actually look like menus and that's the problem they feel. I'll not take like that. there are menus in iPhone but they represented as pages. Nothing big different. you have to go through them stepwise. Yes there could be a little more in N8. but they have improved it a lot I said. I didn't feel any thing in navigating which made me angry about it. It's quite good in it.

2- They holded the N8 in some creepy un-familiar user and asked him to compete the ones with iPhone 4 and Blackberry...

Now this is pretty nonsense. I am sure I don't have to explain this type of competition. I would rather say that it's childish fight between the fan boys and nothing technical.

3- The Unlock interface.

Why they want every thing exactly to be like iPhone, in all the other devices. This is a crappy wish of any one that I just need this. I am sure if Nokia would put the sliding interface on unlocking the device, the reviewers surely would have abused on this that now they copied the feature... what's that man... this is software feature not the hardware. every developer can make this feature and override onto the device's default. then why the argument on these type of issues..

You know what, my younger bro checked the N8 for 5 minutes or 10 and what he said finally? mmmmmm good but they copied the pinch zoom nah............. Oh man don't be so iBoy....

I am just keep asking on his every next argument(which he tells me about any feature in iPhone) that if it is the comparison you are making again with N8. And he says "no. not at all"...

4- Icons

Why they want them to be changed just to follow the iPhone. I believe they are changed where needed. They are not too bad to bark about.

5- One Second delay in sliding home screens.

They know it was intentional and in fact there is no such a delay in any other interface of the device but only on the home screen. That means it was not too difficult to put it on the home screen as well.... So no one thought for a single second that why would Nokia put that delay only on home screen? and just started complaining that it's not good comparatively. I would again say that why they want every thing identical. If some thing gets in place in the same way which other devices use, they say it copied. and if some things gets place in a bit different way they don't accept it... huh!





I am sure you guys now be thinking that I am gonna be a Nokia Fan Boy... right???

Ok no worries... Here are the bad things I personally noted in N8, which I never heard about them from the reviews out there.

1- organizing home screen widgets to look like the icons (like on the android or on the iPhone) is possible but bit difficult and inflexible to edit. But it's not to be meant to change all of them in that way. I just tried and it's possible. I would say that Nokia could make it even better to organize that any one who loves iPhone could make it on N8.

2- It was being said around the web that Nokia N8 gets single tap even handling. No more double taps.. yes it was true but I came to know that it's not native but application dependent. some third party applications still require to double tap the menu items. In fact the native camera application also got missed in covering to have single tap. It's quite bad...

3- I just didn't like the number pad on qwerty (in landscape mode). it's placed on the left keys. I can't use my right hand to involve and just type with left thumb. I think it's not good.

4- Also there is no qwerty in portrait mode. it's changed to traditional T9 key pad, which I think is not bad but not good as well. Nokia should have given an option to the user to choose between the key pad and qwerty. It would be rather better than any other device.

Ok that's all for now.. I would tell you more where I note some thing..

but for now.. I am really loving Nokia N8.. it's really lovely and beautiful..

BTW It's not only extension to Symbian S6ov5 as it was being rumored that there won't be any difference in them and the same bugs and hang outs would occur.

No, that's not it.. It's really faster in booting, in starting and exiting apps. The interface reacts even if you try to touch. yes it's really good on N8... 3D acceleration is awesome till now..

As being extended from older releases, it supports most of the S60v5 apps. just used GMobile XT 6. The GPS is a lot better in N8 than previous devices..

And I didn't mention any of the quality and best features about multimedia and camera which have already been around the web. But I can tell you that it's all true... you really don't need an extra camera to keep along.


^nice review KA, so now will you prefer it over an iPhone?

i see N8 has thousands of feature....(Good luck symbian once again)

Can you tell me if this phone has direct USB support ? like in Nokia E7 you will be able to plug USB direct to phone via a cable and read and write data on it..... is it available for N8 too?

And how about HDMI output ? you tried it?

^ Yes it's USB OTG (On-The-Go). It is the feature in both the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7. I have checked it with 8GB Flash drive and there was nothing to complain. It was as smooth as I was exploring the internal memory. I want to check it with bigger memory extension (may be USB HDD) to see how long it could go well. Second thing to mention that Nokia E7 doesn't have a memory card extension. You get 16GB on board on E7. 256GB SDRAM (like N8) but double the NAND Memory as 1GB (512MB in N8)

I just once checked the HDMI output on the friend's HDTV, it was nice but didn't go through deep to check with different sources. I actually don't have HDTV in access which support HDMI. So yet to check it in detail.

In addition to earlier post I would like tell that the native browser of Nokia N8 is much improved. it's smoother. but it still doesn't beat Safari in iPhone. besides that I always try to find the tabs or any thing like that to open more than one page and I still miss it. I don't know why Nokia doesn't add this option in the native browser while it is capable of opening more windows as popedup from links.


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so now will you prefer it over an iPhone?

Specifically in Pakistan? Yes! I would prefer to go for N8 rather going for iPhone 4. There is lot of tensions managing an iPhone, I've told a lot of times. Nokia N8 is better in managing, reliable, feasible, with really cool and better features which actually are usable in your real life. There is always a question that Ovi Store is not having that much apps but this depends on an individual what type of apps he/she actually needs. I see a thousands of crap apps on Apple app store, which you actually don't need. On the Ovi Store, yes there are less apps than App store, but for me on Nokia N8 I don't feel any thing which lacks for me on Ovi. I get every thing what I need. simple...

I didn't compare N8 with iPhone 4. It's just what need and what you do with it.

^This USB feature is unbelievable....!! i wish to get this smart phone as soon as possible...

one more thing i would like to ask... how about the speed ? i mean is it as fast as an iPhone, coz personally i hate iPhone except its speed which is outstanding and have nothing parallel.

New Browser for Symbian is coming soon and it will be included in first firmware update and you will also get Symbian^4 on N8, C7, E7 and C6-01.

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one more thing i would like to ask… how about the speed ? i mean is it as fast as an iPhone, coz personally i hate iPhone except its speed which is outstanding and have nothing parallel.

I didn’t use iPhone 4 but I can say that N8 is far better in speed and performance than iPhone 3GS (with any of the iOS). It was said to be the the fastest device from Nokia ever, when it was released as prototype. I can really feel in this final product that it’s really able to stand besides any smartphone. Some software kinks and are always there in any of the phone which in later upgrades are taken care of. But in this very first software release I didn’t find any thing very bad to mention and I hope that it’s gonna be far more better in next firmware update than it is now.

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New Browser for Symbian is coming soon and it will be included in first firmware update and you will also get Symbian^4 on N8, C7, E7 and C6-01.

Yes! exactly this is the future of Symbian smartphones. This is, what more compelling than ever. Nokia now gets the right approach.

This is how CTO Nokia says it "we will no longer be talking about Symbian^3 or Symbian^4 at all – it will be one constantly evolving and constantly improving platform."

I think this is what you people ever wanted to have?

^ good, that means symbian is back to business, good luck to symbian :)

Now thats gonna put some fire under Apple's a$$.

i am getting nokia n8 soon :)

Wait! I must tell you some thing about its design. And a problem as according to my way of usage.

On the top panel of the device it gets 3 components.

[Headset jack on the left], [HDMI port in middle], and [power button on the right].

So it's most possible that when you hold the device in landscape mode while messaging, both the panels top and bottom would be covered by your index fingers. Top panel would go to your left hand and bottom panel would be covered in your right hand.

In that case, you won't be able to use headset when you are messaging.

Second. it would be difficult to play a game in landscape mode when you want to output the visuals on your HDTV. As well the HDMI port is just fully covered by your finger to properly hold the device.

PC Connectivity

Nokia PC Suite won't support N8 and will prompt you to use Ovi Suite instead.

Any ways..

I just took some shots with N8, you would want to check them out.