Ufone and Warid sign agreement for infrastructure sharing

Ufone and Warid Telecom Pakistan signed an agreement on Wednesday to facilitate both these operators in sharing a common infrastructure including sites and towers for coming ten years.

This agreement between two of Pakistan's leading telecom companies is based on providing an improved quality of services for their valued customers as well as speeding up of network rollouts. This mutual consent based initiative will not only help reduce costs for these companies in developing separate sites for their networks but also allow an environment friendly solution to communication needs.

Speaking at the occasion, President and CEO Ufone, Abdul Aziz said, "Ufone has always committed itself to providing a high quality network for its customers. This development in the telecom industry of Pakistan will further allow us to keep offering our users better services along with protecting our environment and preserving the scenic beauty of our country. Ufone has always been an assertive player in this market and this agreement shows our efforts to keep up with the superior practices of the cellular industry." At the same agreement signing ceremony, CEO Warid Telecom, Marwan Zawaydeh said.

"This agreement that we have signed today is in line with PTA's policy to encourage mobile operators to share a common infrastructure. This mutual infrastructure usage will not only be a great way of promoting our corporate social responsibility but will also play a significant role in protecting our environment.

With this big step in the telecom industry we will not only save space and electricity but also allow both Ufone and Warid Telecom to expedite network rollouts; further reducing the overall operational costs. At the end of the day, this agreement will benefit our customers more than it benefits us."

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Yeah, but all the its totally useless for me , cuz i am using the telenor =)

And I expect it'd by useless for Ufone and Warid subscribers too, since it will benefit these operators in less investment for the same profit. It is a general practice by Pakistani operators that they only pass on the tariff reductions which the government reduces for them.

It was about time that they make such a decision. I have been expecting this ever since 2004 :/

advantage for me (coz iv got ufone) is that ill have reception even in places where therz a warid tower rather than the ufone tower.

I think you should just re-read the release. Nowhere does it say that Ufone and Warid users will "roam" or use each others networks, it just says that they will now share common infrastructure such as cell sites and towers, which they would otherwise be fighting against each other for. I don't think it changes anything at all immediately for any users, but down the line, it means that Warid / Ufone can now quickly expand their network at lower costs now that they don't have to spend as much money leasing cell sites...

edit: To make it very clear, Ufone users will NOT be able to use Warid signals and vice versa.

Telenor's signed an infrastructure agreement w/ Ufone quite some time back.

Originally, Ufone, Warid and Telenor were supposed to sign it together. Warid got left out due to the Singtel stuff.

It was Telenor's idea to begin with - they had been advocating the idea for a while.

When all opeerators and ISP's gonna start sharing their infrastructure?

I think recently some decision came in this regard.


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MoU on cellular infrastructure sharing

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) of Pakistan have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on infrastructure sharing.

The MoU will be valid for an initial term of three years and may be extended with mutual consent of the parties, upon expiration of the initial term. The MoU signed by all five mobile operators aims at reviving up the current pace of infrastructure sharing among cellular mobile and WLL operators in the country and to increase the overall industry tenancy ratio to a reasonable mark. The parties anticipate that this cooperation will serve to support mutual interests, international best practices, the public convenience, improved aesthetics and decreased capital costs for rollout extensions.

According to the MoU, parties agree that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on infrastructure sharing will be followed in letter and spirit subject to technical and commercial considerations. The PTA will facilitate processing of infrastructure sharing cases to the extent possible within its jurisdiction. Each operator jointly with other industry players will put in its best efforts to make commercial arrangements intense and strive to take up its own and overall industry's tenancy ratio to a level of 1.5 within next 3 years with yearly benchmarks aimed at 1.1, and 1.3 for first and second years, respectively provided that the same is technically feasible for the operator(s).

It may be mentioned that tenancy ratio means number of operators sharing one tower. If a tower is used by more than one operator, it would improve the tenancy ratio, decreasing the number of towers installed across the country. Presently in Pakistan tenancy ratio is 1.02, which means out of every 100 towers only two are shared by operators. If the ratio increases to 1.5 as expected it would mean that 50 out of every 100 towers are shared by operators.